MOC: The Elkoro Turtle

Here's a new moc made by @tyrigsus8V sooo yeah. I have a video on it so if you want the link then Ill send it to you I guess.


Its nice and simple, I like it!

Really nice and simple build. Looks amazing.

I wish they had some rahi like creatures like this in g2. sigh cool moc though

Thanks! and yeah G2 needed more creatures. Maybe G3 will have it

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Cute. I like the way the mace half was used here.

Assuming there will be one.

I like that its shell has spikes.

Simple but totally effective, great work.

Love the head.

@DannyBoyy Thanks!

@RaptorTalon Thank, but you need to give the credit to @Tyrigsus8V

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Aight, well then all congratulations go to her.


It is the best and cutest moc I've ever seen. It shows that a little thing can go a long way

Like Agil and the baby Scorpio? :stuck_out_tongue:

The turtle should have glowing eyes as opposed to the solid gold used on the legs as well

I meant more than two rahi. That baby Scorpio was ugly though.