MOC: The Mess

You remember when your parents asked you to clean your room and then you stumble upon a few lego peices and start building? That's the origin of this MOC. And before any of you tell me "It's a mess, it's not built well", That's the point of the MOC! It's supposed to look like a bunch of peices put together. When seen on certain angles, it actually looks good. I drew it on the program Colors! and it looks interesting. drawing provided of course


I was gave dit MAK a 10 outta 1.

pig_nose !Gravy Pizza pig_nose

In all seriousness, I think this definetly does its job; a child made Bionicle Creation. The only issue I see is that there are Technic pieces, a system a kid would probably use.

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think about it: weren't there technic pieces in older bionicle sets?

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@Pegasus88 I was a "Keep Your Sets Together or the King of Rock Will Come to Get You" kind of kid, meaning I was not really into building "MOCs". I'm just thinking they would avoid Technic because of what my younger siblings build.

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As a kid, I couldn't keep a set together for the life of me. the only sets i kept built as a kid were kongu and maku tohunga.

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Oh my god, this thing is creepy! cold_sweat I love it! Wow, you are AWESOME. I can imagine this thing in a horror game! smile



The last pic though... scream

It's my phone wallpaper

spooky. 2spooky.


I really like the drawing; it's neat and stylistic(from what I can tell). Has an eerie, almost wastelandish vibe to it.

The moc itself, however, doesn't really appeal to me. Like you said, it is what it is; a mess. Perhaps if you took a shot at making it skillfully(and inherently more deliberately), you could build on the concept and make something really cool. I know that wasn't the initial intention, but it might be worth a shot anyways.


Cool MOC that stays true to the name!

10 outta ten