MOC: The Third Olmak ( Self-MOC )

Today is my birthday, so I completed my newest creation. This is The Third Olmak himself! The core build is similar to the General Grievous set, but I’ve heavily modified it. There is a comparison to Grievous as well.


This MOC looks really good, especially the legs, but the photos are pretty bad. It makes it hard to see the MOC.


You made the build 10 times better

Very nice.

The wings really do it for me, and the legs are great. The hands are a little strange imo. :slight_smile:

General Gold-a-lot and his smaller inferior brother, General Greeve.

Thank you for your feedback! Sorry about the photo quality, I’m stuck with a tablet camera and had to back up in order to fit the whole MOC in the frame, and even then the wings get cut off a little. He also has the same arm splitting function, but I could only post three photos. I also would have left the silver out, but I didn’t have enough large shells in black to do that. Here’s the other photo with the arms.

The gold ‘claws’ are actually just daggers that he holds in order to give the illusion of claws. If he wasn’t holding them, his hands would be directly above/below one another.

Added Furno XL’s cape and individual hand articulation.