MOC Theme Music

Who do you all think of using “theme music” for specific character MOCs? How do you pick it? Do you think it adds or takes away from a MOCs presentation?


Interesting. I never thought of this but this would be fun and would give a moc more detail into character. It surely gives to the mocs presentation. For example I’d imagine Vezon and Fenrakk as say a hardcore heavy metal rock and roll song and lets say Axonn with an epic feeling symphony. I’d pick the theme song by character’s backstory, attitude and regular emotions (grumpy, angry, etc). Great idea, I’m probably going to do this with my mocs now!

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Definitely. Also the volume that the music is set to plays a role in the exhibition of the set.

*Quieter if the creator is giving commentary, louder if it is a visual display.

Edit: I don’t know why, but I feel like the tone of the music should represent the user over the MOC itself, like Eljay’s theme.

I think that they would definitely add to the presentation, just as much as having a bio. They not only get across the tone of the MOC, but they also tell a little about their personality and their voice as a character.

Examples are listed below


Linkin Park - Drawbar Ft. Tom Morello

Makuta Devon:

Linkin Park - The Summoning

I tried to make sure the music fitted the psychological theme for these two, Ceralis being kinda lonely and sad, and Devon being animalistic and unnatural. (I’ll be posting Devon in a short bit.) I think that as long as the music represents something about the MOC, be it for a storyline or not, it’ll fit. Just don’t put some country next to a tall, scary makuta.


Well, I never really pick themes for MOCs other than Ekorak or Rai, both of whom represent me, so I just pick a theme that represents me.

If I was to pick another theme for a character like Wolvix, I’d pick something wolf related, or maybe icy. If it was another character…probably just pick something that fit their personality.

So I have pretty much nothing to contribute to this conversation.

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Usually depends on the instruments and how they’re used, and the title of the song and whether it would fit to appear on said page.

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Right, so I think I’ll post Jemoph’s and Vent’s themes

My current Self moc theme:

For my secondary moc/ technical main character, Vent(or in his new form, Sentinel VX)

Oh gee I can’t believe I missed this topic.
A theme for Blue Guy…

… I think this is appropriate.


(Please excuse the poor quality of the image.)

His current theme:


I think I found a good theme for my Self-MOC, Political_Slime.


Guess I’ll mention some themes I used

Current selfMOC theme:

Also, haven’t used this on a post (and most likely will not), but the Stormhawk’s theme



Toa Stoax

At first I wasn’t sure this song would work with Stoax’s character, but after giving it some thought, it works somewhat. Stoax. Dreams of an Absolution talks about someone who is desperate to create a better world at all costs, much like how Stoax wishes to create a better world for the Matoran at all costs.


The lyrics in this song are from Pligurius’s perspective on how he see’s the Matoran Universe. Collective Consciousness talks about the beliefs of corrupt politicians, letting the weak or inexperienced be sacrificed for the gains of the rich and powerful, much like how the Great Beings and Mata Nui use the Matoran, Makuta, etc to further drive their own personal goals, something Pligurius detests and views as “immoral”.

Toa Rauera

I don’t want to give too much info on Rauera without spoiling certain info on his character, but, in chapter 8 of Operation Vindicta, Rauera reveals his true thughts about Mata Nui to Stoax, “I doubt it, having wandered the Matoran universe for so long without purpose. I had no interest in the jobs they assigned the Matoran, jobs that were assigned to those according to their abilities rather than letting them follow their own dreams and careers’- 'If we’re all there for the greater good of everyone else, then how are we unique?”. The lyrics in this song talk about a an outcast that does not feel at home with where they are, much like how Rauera feels indifferent towards the world he lives in.

Toa Minera

Unlike the previous three, this one was rather last minute, as I couldn’t find a song that really fit in with Minera’s character. He’s kinda like Otacon from MGS in that he joined The Hand of Artakha with hopes of using his skills in technology to help the Matoran Universe, but the reality of conflict interfered and he soon found that being a soldier was much harder than it seemed. The techno esq feeling at the beginning of the song kinda connects with Minera’s skills in engineering, wheras the rest kinda has a whole “experience soldier” vibe to it.

Nyran’s theme is Black and White by Skyhill
The theme of Toa Jalis is Little Lion Man, by Mumford and Sons
Danu’s theme, best I can think, is Vampire by Xandria.
Arikas I give the theme music Fire Woman by The Cult
Dare, by Stan Bush


So many themes.

NEW THEMEs(Cause why not)


Theme Explaination-

The song displays Derkaye’s wants and greed, his absolute desire to rule and control, but yet his inability to cope with humanity/people

Sentinel VX

Theme Explaination-

Generally displays Sam’s happy-go-lucky and generally positive disposition, and how radical and fast his attacks are, along with his life drama and his attention to situations

JMP:Normal form:

Theme Explaination-
This shows that JMP is his own creation, and thus his own man. It also shows noone can control him and he will not be stopped

Titan JMP/ Jemoph

Theme explaination-
The brutal and epic form of JMP, brought through with this theme. It shows his absolute power, and thus his some-what ruthless power, often formshifts, along with his explosive attacks and paced speed.


Theme explaination-
This shows her bombastic personality and need to stay alive. It’s also self-explainatory, showing her opinions

Silvex/Neo Silveroid

Theme Explaination-
Silvex/Neo’s thoughts on remembering when he was human/how he used to be before becoming a cyborg, along with his need to be in the action to help his brother, Sam.

There’s that, I’ll add more later


Well, when I pick my themes, I usually just go through the soundtracks of movies and games I like and look for songs that are fitting.

Lucem’s theme

Pyrodax’s theme

Lucem (G2)'s theme



I shall give you many a theme music piece for a MOC and explain their reasons.


Theme music: Valentin Booves - Evolve

All my Toa Vihagu MOCs are based on real people, some to a greater extent than others. With my first few MOCs they were quite close to the originals. Since Mokatu’s real-life inspiration plays the violin, I wanted a violin-centric theme, and this was the best one I could think of. However, I think that for his V2 I want a theme that’s a bit faster paced (but still orchestral-based), and at present my choice is Celldweller - The Wings of Icarus.


Theme music: Ninja Tracks - Cloud Pusher

Again, based on the real-life inspiration’s musical abilities. Therina’s inspiration is a pretty dang good singer, so I wanted a theme that emphasized the choir. The female vocalist in this piece sounds frighteningly similar to the inspiration.


Theme music: Punch-Out! Wii - World Circuit

Two main reasons for this one. Firstly, since Drainu’s character is more laid-back and less tense, I wanted a theme that suited that personality in compared to the more dramatic tones of previous musical pieces. Added to that the inspiration’s liking for Little Mac in Smash (which carried over to his MOC) and this was what I chose. However, I’m still not really happy with this theme. Since the inspiration is also a Zelda fan, I’m considering giving him a metal cover of “Saria’s Song” from Ocarina of Time as his V2 theme.


Theme music: Fire Emblem Awakening soundtrack - Id (Purpose)

Like Drainu, based on the fictional character that inspired the MOC. I was tentative at using a theme that was already another character’s theme, so I looked for a similar-sounding theme by trailer music group E. S. Posthumus (which specializes in ancient and non-European styled music) but ultimately had to go with Id.


Theme music: Celldweller - The Angel of Io

This was one of the more arbitrary themes. I knew that to emphasize Ayen’s character, and the duality between her light and dark forms, I needed a theme that was soft but tense. Angel of Io was the one that best fit the bill for me.


Theme music: Audiomachine - Nemesis

For reasons too complicated to explain here I associate this piece with fire, Zerkah’s element. That, combined with the emphasis on guitars (again, the instrument of choice of Zerkah’s inspiration) settled him.


Theme music: Peter Roe - Way of the Sword

Originally, I was going to go again with the theme of the character that provided the inspiration of the MOC (in this case, “Gerudo Valley”) but was again tentative. I had heard “Way of the Sword” a bit earlier and thought it fit, given Saidon’s less violent nature and the fact that it emphasized his weapon of choice.


Theme music: Skylar Cahn - Titan

Again, emphasizing Shaju’s instrument of choice (the electric guitar), and with a title that describes Shaju pretty well.


Theme music: Brand X - Halfway Home

Firstly, this was a piece I fell in love with when I first heard it and quite wanted to use on a MOC. Secondly, the theme’s title and the content of the piece itself reflected Jetera’s arrival in a place “halfway to home” and his vague memories of the past.

Should probably stop there, but I’ll give a little teaser of Jetera’s V2 theme:


I haven’t really given much thought to most of my MOCS, musically speaking, but I have specific themes picked out for all of my Slizer Revamp MOCs, based on their character and/or specific scenes involving them. Unfortunately, the best example of this is with a song that isn’t even on youtube. :confused:


Might as well throw out any themes I’ve decided for my MOCs.

-Toa Hunter

Explanation: He’s a hunter. This theme pretty much symbolizes the sense of dread Toa feel upon his approach.


Explanation: Cordak is a mixture of elegance, tragedy, and savagery. This piece covers mainly the last two, but it’s a fitting track nonetheless.


Explanation: Scorax is a very rhythmic and logical individual. He’ll quietly carry out his task, and leave the bombastic results to themselves, much like the music-in-question’s flow.


Explanation: Though Taalos still has a bit more of a conscience than the other Shadow Hunters, he’s still a ruthless and skilled warrior who often attempts to hid emotional doubts, something the harsh tones of this piece reflect.


Explanation: Terrotron is both determined and highly unfeeling for the petty denizens of the Bionicle universe. I thought this theme had a very “walking-forward-while-fighting” kind of vibe, which I thought fit.


Explanation: Venak is the most vile and distorted of the Shadow Hunters, with a very dark sense of humor and fun. I think this theme speaks for itself.


Explanation: Boron’s a psycho. Not quite on the same sadistic level as Venak, and still able to be reigned by strict authority fro Teridax and Cordak, but he’s not to keep a level head, and has a mind whose thoughts are in constant disarray, hence a theme that evokes chaos and paranoia, as well as the conflict between him and his brother, Blastex.


Explanation: Despite the terrible things Boron has done, Blastex has every intention to bring back to the light. Given that, and the determined sense of duty to stop his brother, a highly heroic theme was in order.


Explanation: Arcus may be a polite and thoughtful politician, but in battle, his bombastic nature is unmatched. He also really, really, likes his gun. Since this theme had a very rushed, adrenaline-laden kind of feeling, I thought it was perfect.


Explanation: Dux has been through a lot, being used as a puppet to hunt down the free Toa of New Atero to fulfill the insane totalitarian dreams of a turaga. Despite this, he’s battle-hardened, and a true embodiment of justice even in the face of his own uncertainty. A theme both triumphant and melancholic like this was fitting.


Explanation: Following his partial Hordika transformation, Ciad has been something of a loner, and his guilt after abandoning the slumbering Metru Nui Matoran hasn’t helped things. I this piece did well to both reflect that guilt as well as his desire for redemption.


Explanation: I wanted something that evoked determination and emotion, while also having a sort of tribal/jungle vibe. Then I remembered one of my favortie video game forests.

-Solus and Lentas

Explanation: I always thought these two went better together as a pair. As such, I thought of a good theme for the two back to back kicking some posterior plating.

Overall Shadow Hunters Theme

Overall Toa Nauhea Theme (yes, I finally gave the Toa team a name)

If all else fails you could always use Darude Sandstorm :stuck_out_tongue: