MOC Time!~ Skull Villain Revamps, and Vidly Update!

Ehem. Welcome to more of my mocs, starring yours truly~

First off, the Skull Warrior Revamp. I’d consider it more a reimagining, or some sort of SUPER Skull Warrior, but whatever.

Then, there’s the Skull Basher Revamp/Reimagining/SUPER Version

And a small update on Vidly. I’ve changed her hairstyle to better reflect mine, and rebuild her upper torso. Take a look-see!

Enjoy, and of course comment!~


The villains look a little too spindly, even for spooky scary skeletons…

But I like the other MOC!

They look nice

I like the look of Skull Basher and Vidly, though something about Skull Warrior looks off.

Hey, these are pretty neat!
Skull Basher lookks especially good, I really love what you did with him.

I don’t really like these. Too thin.
Vidly is pretty neat though.

The Skull Warrior seems like a pretty basic skeleton, but it does look pretty good.
Skull Basher looks really cool. If you’d ever meet something like that somewhere, I’m certain it’ll give you a bad time.
And I like what you did with Vidly’s hair. I feel this looks more natural.

I actually like the stylization the skull villains have.

you need to make your sm’s torso less, spinal, if you get me, like it is super skinny with shoulders jutting off at the top like a capital T, it could be less jarring. at this scale I would ditch the balljoint in the torso in exchange for a better shape.

I don’t like them as Skullies, but I really like them as mocs.