MOC: Toa Feroke, Leader of the Toa Kona


Here’s mah boi Feroke!

As a Matoran, he lived a calm and comfortable life in Fe-Koro.
One day, the Toa Raki arrived to recrute Toa, and he was chosen. After his transformation into a Toa, the Spirit Army attacked, and a relatively big explosion happened. All the Toa, except for Feroke -just too heavy- were thrown out of the ceremony place. Feroke tried to fight the enemies, but the Spirit of Stone knocked him out easily. The Spirit Army retreated afterwards, having fulfilled their leader’s orders.
Feroke woke up and decided to search for the other Toa.

I don’t have better feet okay



Bulsik finally gets to experience height:

With Lenuki, Toa Kona of Air:

Little spoiler for the (probably) next Toa Kona you’ll get to see:

What can I say? I love the entire MOC. The biggest flaw IMO is that the system vent pieces on the chest always fall off or do other things they’re not supposed to do.

Give me opinions! :dizzy_face:


This is nice. The bulk is really well done at the top, but I think his legs could be a bit bulkier.

Nice MOC!

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Noticed that only because you said it; I’ll try to make them bulkier.

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I really like this, the build looks great! I disagree about the legs, I think they look good the way they are, it really accents how bulky he is up top. Really like the weapon too, I like it when someone uses a midak skyblaster well. If I was to change anything, it would be the feet. If I’ve got them, I’d swap them to onua uniters. Nice job! :+1:

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Here he is, Onua Uniter feet:

Here he is, bulky legs:

Yes I was a bit lazy, but it works.


Good job! The bulk is well conveyed without looking too outrageous and the colors are distributed just as nicely.


Loos pretty good! The build has a solid flow and it’s nice to see the use of burnt orange. Looks a bit too much like Pohatu though.

pretty cool!

B U F F.

Really like the consistency and overall appearance of the moc.

Seems a little short and there should be more bulk on the lower legs, otherwise pretty noice.