Moc: Toa Galen (Self-Moc)

This here is a Toa of sorts. And where he comes from is unknown, but his energy blade and his armor gets the job done.

Now let talk about this moc. The reason I built him is because I wanted a self-moc using that mask. That black and yellow moc belongs to BioRockDude and his build inspired the builds for many of my mocs to come.


Looks pretty nice

It could use better distribution of lime, now it just looks like a gray blob with a lime mask. And the arms are a tad long.

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did you really build Detox

Wow it looks pretty good, however the shins look a bit weird to me, more pictures too please!!

Pretty cool, but it could use more lime.

Yes I did. It was hard but worth it.

ok since Detox’s torso is still a mystery to me


great overall look

Those shoulders tho
The arms really drag the moc down, not only are the upper arms too long, but the shoulder connection is incredibly ugly,
Otherwise, besides the rather greyscale color scheme, it’s pretty good.

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What element toa is he?

Looks like a Toa Tanma simply because he uses the same mask and…well, that’s the only distinguishing feature about him. Still, credit where credit is due, some of the designs are pretty alright. I like the weapon most of all.

He’s probably working on something huge(taller than a 3 yr old)
(i’ve seen it)

I feel like the shoulders are a bit flimsy. Lower arms aren’t that well done. I also suggest adding more lime. Still good, though.

Pretty much what everyone else said. From the shoulders up its pretty solid but after that it’s a bit lackluster. The lower arms and the legs don’t really match the bulk precedent set by the shoulders. Could use more lime as well. Sword arm is cool though.

I used Detox’s torso design as inspiration for my Toa here. And I don’t think if BioRockDude would like me to show how he built his moc. But I think I might show the build without the armor.

Updated photo right here