★MOC. Toa Gali Nuva revamp

Some months ago I got the Kaukau nuva so and I wanted to use it in a moc, so I ended up making a Gali revamp.

:arrow_forward:More pics on Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/photos/157030317@N06/


This looks like an improved version of the original, so good job! The green on the Aqua Axes is a nice touch.


As always, this is amazing.


That is one impressive build! I’m sure this moc will make waves.

good job

Although I’m not a big fan of Toa with more human proportions, I like this MOC for it’s feel of completeness (especially in the torso). I would suggest reworking the arms because compared to the legs they kinda look too simple.

While I feel it is difficult to tell it’s female, it is extremely well built.

Pretty good moc overall but I think it could use more blue because the silver feels overdone.

The overall style doesn’t seem to fit Gali Nuva, but it’s excellent all the same. The different blues do clash a bit, though.

Another great moc nice revamp man love the design

I would like to see that custom torso.

Explain that please, I don’t understand why you said that since Gali gets a silver armor in her Nuva form and I think that’s what I mostly represented here.

Different blues, what, I only used mata blue on it.

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You could put a little heart light on the system piece between the nuva shoulder armor :smile:

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Did I say silver? I said overall style, not overall colour. The way it’s built doesn’t seem befitting of Gali Nuva.[quote=“Darkraimaster99, post:12, topic:45956”]
Different blues, what, I only used mata blue on it.

My error, due to the lighting it made it appear that you used armour from the 2015 Gali.

Well, then what things are wrong on it to not fit the Gali Nuva style?

I’m gonna be honest. That torso is really bad compared to the hips if we’re going off anatomy. I know it’s to look feminine but it looks like a thin torso with humongous legs that suddenly jut outward. The upper torso needs more width, and lose some of the length. The torso looks too long.

I’d also argue that there’s too much silver here for Gali Nuva. Should have kept it for the torso and shoulders, maybe the shins, but not most of the body. Gali’s colors are vibrant in the original, and this sort of loses that touch.

I do like how the upper torso was built. The way the chest was built smoothly transitioned, and the back looks very good too. Which is why I’m sorta confused why the hips are so detailed. The rest of the build looks smooth but the hips just ruin that look.

I like the revamped weapons, too. You made them look really cool.


I like how you did the feet, overlaying the hero factory piece over the old metru foot. Her revamped weapons are also pretty cool.

On the other hand, the torso is way too long and the legs are too short. The hips aren’t supposed to protrude in such an abrupt manner (unless it’s not supposed to be humanoid). The arms are very uninspired.

I like it! Much better than the original, though I almost fear there might be a little too much silver… I actually love the color, so in my opinion, that isn’t a big problem. I well always dislike the Nuva Kaukau, but it definitely works here. I also really like the new blades, is it possible to attach them to her back or on a belt or something?

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