Moc Toa Gresh

One of my favorite bionicle characters, so my curiosity of what gresh would look like as a Toa instead of a Glatorian is natural. Here is my moc, feel free to let me know y’alls ideas.


Unique take on the character; the colour combo is especially appealing :+1:

Why does he have extra arms though?

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I think it looks cool but the legs are wayyy too small.


Just though it would look cool, and being a Toa of air the extra arms are clawa so he can move quickly around the jungle and still have the ability to fight without forsaking his balance

@BlueCel I am not using a very advanced build do to lack of ideas for the legs and I have not learn a good style

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Also something that threw me off, why hears in the arms but no actual gear to activate them?

The gears are to keep the arms stable and not flop all over the place.

he has the gorilla quad arm syndrome, you should add friction adders on the legs, I think that will fix it

no, no, that’s not what I meant, Im trying to say that the legs are way too short, that’s the only problem I have with it

oh also, you shouldnt double post, it’s not allowed

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Sorry, meant to add he picture in post, ahh I see I honestly try to refrain from using them since I never liked how they made the articulation harder, but I will see if I can use it.

well you could use longer bones as well, if you have any

I do, but then I will also have to redo the leg amour I am looking into it right now

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why are his legs so tiny thought

I usually use the same leg build on most of my ccbs characters, I did modify the legs making them larger if you look in one of my comments

G2 Skull Slicer before being a skeleton?

I mean, it kinda works as that.

Don’t get a Gresh vibe at all though. Just the mask and weapons match, and those alone don’t make a character.

I do like that idea about the g2 skull grinder, and I agree that weapons and a mask do not make a charater and please make your take on him and share it with me, I posted this to get other people to build a greasy moc in their style and share it.

they’re still way too short

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The camera is angled a bit, so they are longer than they look.

He’s a bit small…