MOC: Toa Kaiyda (+minor upgrades on Ghosty)

A toa of pisonics.
She opted for agility instead of strengh,so her only armor are the metru gold parts.
the rest of her body is just a thin layer of metal to cover her internal skeleton.
Also since i had to use a few red parts,they’re organic tissues and muscles.

Payinku i swear i’ll eat you alive if you mention that stupid brown waist.

Anyway,here’s Ghosty

I shortened the arms and filled in the waist a bit.


It looks pretty nice design wise, but it looks weird without any gold on the lower half and the brown waist looks out of place.

Yeah this MOC is really cool.

10 outta ten.

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Thnaks @Oniwah

**EDIT:**I should really type slower

You need to clean your Metru Hau I can see Dust and Scratches on it

I painted it a while ago,so i tried to scratch it off.

RIP Oniwah

The MOCs are great, compact and complex as always. Love the knee design. Does Kaiyda have any weapons?


Not yet.
But i did build a shield which will probably be used for her,but she needs an actual weapon to go with it,obviously.


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Kaiyda is pretty awesome! I love the concept and you definitely pulled off using Lhikan’s Hau very well!

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Aside from the red balljoints, I like them both. like, a lot.

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Kaiyda is an awesome name, and I love his build. The colours look good, but the colours of the element Psionics are Gold and Blue, not Silver. Also, the red ball-joints and pins look exceptionally terrible on this guy. The brown is also out of place. Also, it looks like your gold armor was chewed by a small puppy. Not your fault though, I’m sure. My overall opinion of this guy is great, 7/10

The updates to Ghosty look fantastic, but I still hate his feet. 9.4/10

Does Captain MesoAmerica need a weapon to go with his shield?


The un-armored look. I never would of thought of that. GG :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m glad you’re finally working with limitations.
I use red parts to signify this on purpose so it gets a pass.

but yeah, I rather like this design. the brown waist doesn’t even bother me since it almost matches the damaged gold.

[quote=“Ghosty, post:1, topic:11207”]
[/quote]I don’t think I’ve critiqued your self-moc.
I really don’t like the feet, otherwise it’s fine.

@Payinku Thanks alot guys!

Also @PekekoaOfJungle The blue isn’t there because


There’s something about this MOC that I really like. It has a military look to it. Also, I like the simplicity. I feel that to many people to create MOCs feel that every limb has to be made of a lot of pieces in a complicated fashion.


Thanks alot,@Conduitt

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Is thered ball joints suppose to be there?


ohthat makes sense