MOC Toa Team and Villains, 3 Years in the Making

So a few years back, around the time Bionicle was confirmed to come back, I had this crazy spree of building Bionicles with the purpose of making a action stop motion series using them. I didn’t have any Ideas on what the story was going to be about, all I knew was that it was going to have explosions and people flying around smacking the crap out of each other. This idea never came to fruition, it never got past the preliminary stages and it fell into nothing. You may remember (but probably not) my entry in the Chroniclers Convergence in February of 2015. It was not very good, so props if you remember. After I made that, I just stopped having motivation to make Bionicle stop motion, so I stored them away in a box on my shelf. Flash forward to now. I decided to take them off my shelf and look at them for old times sake. I was surprised by my own craftsmanship, so I’m going to show you all of them in this post. Some will have a short explanation on story origins and construction origins. Enjoy!

First is a group shot to give you a little teaser into what you can see in this post.

The Heroes

The Villians

The first I will be Highlighting is the MOC that would have been the Protagonist of the story. The build is a custom made torso and upper arm, allowing for better movement and posing, i went into building this design specifically for that purpose. I think it works pretty well. this build would carry over for all the Toa, with some variations here and there. His name would have been Gen, my default character name for video games and such.

Next is the character that would have been the main characters friend through thick and thin, I believe I named him Yu, after the main character of Persona 4. The orange growths on his legs are based off of Kopaka master’s legs’. his colour scheme was inspired by Rock Lee from Naruto (My favourite character to be precise)

This character would have been a sort of mentor character to the other Heroes.

This character would be the only girl in the group. I had trouble trying to make the custom fit female proportions, but I decided it didn’t matter, because every character had a thin waist

Her Legs are special. They have a custom swivel thing at the knee.

Next one up is the edge lord of the group.

This guy was at one point supposed to be main villain material, but I replaced him with black and red colour edgelord villain #7, with a twist.

Now onto the villains. The main villain is modeled after Frieza from DBZ, with the build and tail. The villain transforms at some point into the big mothertrucker you see in the back of the group shots. The torso is a condensed version of Maxilos’s build and allows for great shoulder articulation. It took me a long time to figure out how to make it work, but it was worth it.

Next are some CCBS type builds that would act as underlings to the big bads. In the story, they would be completely robotic compared to the Heroes and other villains which are more biological.

Next is probably my magnum opus when it comes to MOC’s. this guy went through many iterations and prototypes before coming to the final product. It probably took me 6 months to finish this guy. The inspiration for this MOC came from Gurren Laggan. I was building this guy while watching it in the back ground for
the first time and the robot design stuck with me. I am also a fan of Gunpla, or the buildable action figures based on Gundam, so i wanted to make a mech type thing, and that idea became this monstrosity. almost everything is custom, except for the forearms, i couldn’t find a suitable replacement for the Inika legs, so I just stuck with them. The torso is actually a combination of the custom torso i made for the Heroes, and Maxilos’s build. The upper arm and shoulder is a larger version of the hero arm build. And the legs are a modification and extension of Takanuva and Mata Nui titan set legs. the feet are original.

So yeah, thought I would post all these guys on here and see what people think. they aren’t going to be showcased in a stop motion anytime soon, and it would have been a waste if i never showed anyone other than people in my immediate friend group and my family.

Also, let’s play a game. It’s called spot the JoJo pose. Missed oportunity for more JoJo poses on my part. The green heroes pose could be mistaken for Joseph, but it’s not.


I like the titan. Things flow nicely on it. Everything else here could use a bit more detail. They seem to be missing something.

Some the first MOCs have clashing color schemes, and all of them are rather simple, suing a slightly altered Inika build.

The Titan is much better. I like the way he’s built. The things next to his head are kinda weird though.

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@SammySpartan Basically what I was going for is a consistent shape to all of them. I ended up running out of pieces that would add anything to the overall look, so I kept it simple. I admit some of the colour schemes are a little bit clashing, but I wanted to keep it interesting. The most consistent off them are the blue hero and the white hero. The green hero had a more consistent colour scheme before, but I added those white and orange pieces later.

With the titan, I was going for a classic Japanese samurai mech helmet for the head. Admittedly they limit head movement, but I think they look cool

@Zero Ya I ran out of pieces that could actually add to the look of them after a while. (see the keetorange and yellow hero) so I had to compromise. Also I’m not a very experienced mocist, so I dont know how to fill in all that extra space very well. Also, you might be able to tell that I ran out of pieces because some pieces are not the right colour at all.

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I really like the titan, although he could use some color changes and a bit of cleaning up.