MOC: Ulrik, Turaga of Lightning

So in my last topic, I showed Turaga Ulrik, during a size comparison. I also said I was posting him soon, and true to my word, here he is.

There isn’t really a backstory yet, so I’ll skip to the MOC.


Back (I am aware of the red-pin, I will replace it as soon as possible.)

Side (again, I am aware of the red-pin.)

“The stars hold many secrets…” (Pose)

He’s pretty small. (Size comparison from my last topic)

And finally, a look at the torso build. (from the back)

Thanks for looking at this MOC, if you have any suggestions on how I could make it better, tell me. (Besides the red-pins, obviously.)

I’m starting a new version of the Toa form, so I’ll post that eventually.


Small, but it looks like a solid build. My only suggestion would be to maybe cut out the dk. blue and trans neon green colors; there isn’t quite enough of them to even out over the whole body. Also, his back should have just a bit of armor.

Keep it up!

interesting little build, and maybe with your next version more the neon parts to give a bit more lightning look. Also, either get a small camera stand or slow down the time to take your pictures. While your builds are interesting, blurry pictures take away the details of the build. But still good build and interesting use of a toa foot.

I like your turaga build. I think you should swap the sliver nuva shoulders to blue nuva shoulders.

I will either do this, or I will try to make the colors equal. Also, thanks!
I’ll be sure to do both of these things. And thanks!
Thanks! Sadly, I do not have blue nuva shoulders, but I might order some on Bricklink.

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Red axles!