MOC: UMDF (inspired by Sealman133's Zamor Turret)

Explanation for the title:
Zamor Turret

Now lets get to the more interesting stuff:

I apologize for horrible photography

My main goal with this MOC was to slap as many guns as possible (or at least as many as I have) on a turret-like machine used by Matoran. The most annyoing thing to build was the driver’s seat, mainly because I couldn’t decide on the scale. Also, I didn’t really try to make it perfect; it’s some kind of prototype (and it will probably be taken apart, because of all its parts). But here it is:

Designed by Vo-Matoran engineer Punifi; the Unofficial Matoran Defense Force! it’s supposed to be camouflaged, ok

Left side:

Right side:

From above:

The driver’s seat:

The weakest part, in my opinon (the trans-medium green CCBS arm):

Bulsik in the driver’s seat, what could go wrong?

My favorite shot, Bulsik driving:

Punifi banning Bulsik from his workshop: (after taking Bulsik’s wrench away)

Again, credit to @Sealman133 for the Inspiration. That’d be it. I was building this along with another MOC, one that i was more passion about, so this one got the worse parts. I’d still like to hear critique and other (maybe unrelated) comments.
Have a good day.


IT IS BUETIFUL. sniffle sniffle… it is like seeing my grandson.


I’m glad that you’re happy about the result. :grin:

While this is suppose to represent an incomplete machine; I still don’t like the execution of stuff jutting out randomly-

well… mainly the Midak Skyblaster and Cordak Blaster

Were exactly is stuff jutting out randomly? :dizzy_face:

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