MOC: Umsindisi

Based off of this torso. I wanted to make it, but I only had Keet-Yellow Metru feet nearby, so I decided to make a guy with a keet neat color scheme. His proportions are weird, and his arms are wack, but I like him just the way he is. :smirk:

Imgur Link:


I feel like his torso is flipped upside down. Makes him look preggers fat IMO.
also lanky arms.


Maybe broaden the shoulders to fix the problem @SpookMeister has with it.

Is Umsindisi a Ci-Toa? (Toa of citrus)

looks.. potbellied

Build is pretty good, but suffers from rectangular torso disease. It also has chimpanzee arms, unless that was the intention.

IMO but the colour scheme makes him look like a vegetable (which specifically I know not...perhaps corn?), no offense :stuck_out_tongue:

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His Color Scheme is pretty Shnazzy, but his arms are so long...

Besides that, it's a pretty cooul MOC. :sunglasses:


love the funky colours and proportions,makes him look kinda cartoonish,which is a good thing.
Silver looks out of place,thought.


I like the colors, but those arms...