Moc: Unnamed

Here I have an unnamed moc! Ccbs haters beware…

So, he’s supposed to be a dragon-Humanoid-Thing. It looks like he uses a 2016 body from the front, but he doesn’t.

He uses a gearbox piece and some other things. Here’s a closer look at the shoulder assembly…

So what do you think?

Oh, and here dat bootiful pink iPad again.

Grumpy potato camera confirmed.

I took the photos a while ago, in the bedroom again :sleepy:

I updated it.


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Sorry but the only thing to be feared of is the awkward build.
I can’t describe anything else but not looking like a dragon.


It doesn’t really look like a dragon at all.

Alduin for comparison.

It looks more like quake beast and skull basher had a really awkwardly built baby. The way the shoulders connect to the body is super flimsy and gappy, and those parts will crack soon if used in such a way. And the legs aren’t good at all, there’s having custom limbs for complexity and better looks and then having custom limbs for the sake of having custom limbs.


This is not a dragon.
This looks like you took Quake beast and Skull basher, combined them, slapped really poorly constructed wings on the back and called it a dragon.

To be fair, he called it a “dragon-humanoid-thing”, though I agree that it looks kinda haphazard. With more time and effort though I can definitely see this becoming something cool


that my friend is a wyvern not a dragon

Which is a dragon, no need to be a nuisance about it.

more like a distant cousin


Doin’ some Googeling…


hm… google vs a casual mythozoologist i would list out the (big) differences but i’m tired, so i’ll do it later

I’m not saying Dragons and Wyverns are the same.

However, you are acting like they are barely related, when with only thirty seconds and Google I have found information claiming Wyverns are Dragons.

Also, Alduin is a dragon, because the people who created him called him a dragon…


Wyvrens are sometimes considered a subspecies, sometimes not even that, just a synonym.
Rarely they are completely different, and I mean so rarely that this is the first time I’ve encountered it.
Pretty much everywhere, I’ve found that Wyvrens are but a subspecies. I’d also like to see what game/movie/book you’re referencing for this.

I’m gonna take Google’s side, since these definitions are official and everything…

All right then, please @ me when you do.


Thank you.

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He looks like a poor recreation of Speeda Demon from leftover parts.

His upper legs are Quake Beast’s shins…

@General_Hutani for reference how about the actual mythology, as for major differences

  1. they can’t breath fire
  2. body structure: wyvern’s have a more serpent like build, and they only have 4 limbs 2 legs and 2 wings while dragons have six, 4 legs and 2 wings
  3. there way their mind works, dragons are a lot more cultured mind can speak and are exceptionally greedy, wyverns can’t speak, have no want for gold, and are incredibly primal

And yet Chinese and Japanese dragons are basically giant flying snakes with legs.

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different culture, different rules

They’re still dragons.

yes, they are but again they follow a different definition, if we were following the definition set by Europe(which is what we’ve been discussing) then they wouldn’t be