Moc updates and fixes

Lengthened her main whip to fix the giant hand people were seeing.

Replaced her “hair” with black and silver for the upper body
Added the beastial inika feet

I also added a pic of my contest Mocs arm. I’ll honestly be surprised if no one else uses the same idea.

Tell me which you liked more; before or after the updates.


Aquaria is awesome.

They all look pretty nice, though the axe on Aquaria does stand out a little color wise.

Well it is straks axe so think it fits considering I use his ice peices on her dress. For me it reinforces the idea that she froze the water in the air around her to make it and her armor dress.

And it’s kinda my excuse to keep the hip shells. I don’t have those peices in silver or blue.

Thank you. I guess you could say Nakashi succeeded too (in aesthetic) as the stereotypical movie killer is rarely detailed in design. And I agree with aquaria; I realized the original looked unintentionally topless with the blue once I replaced them… Still wish the inika shoulder came in yellow though. I don’t like painting as it ruins the peice for future designs and I’m not good at it.

Every freaking time I think you’ve gone and made them perfect, you go and make them more perfect. LOOK AT AQUARIA! She’s amazing! Everyone is! Well, the last one looks a little underwhelming, but I love the other two! Great job!