Moc Updates/Improvements

Hey Guys, JMP here! I've decided to revamp my mocs in order to suit the criticism and comments I got previously! Well, mostly

JMP 2.5

For this moc, I replaced the Breast-plate Bohrok hands,changed the axe and sword arm, so the former would be longer and the latter shorter and more stable.

Vent's Hand-Cannon Rifle

Based upon the weapons in the High Moon Transformers games, I give you the integrated hand-cannon rifle/ The Ripper! This hand cannon, while usable by most characters with ball-socket arms, is colored and meant for Vent. Specs include built in camera display to allow Vent(or anyone using it) to snipe without using their eyes just incase, and has 3 modes: Regular, Semi-Automatic/Rapid fire, and then elemental mode, where any ammo can be used as bullets

Jeris: New Head

Meh, I just decided to go and make Jeris a custom head as people wanted, made from system, and I added a heartlight. BTW Kakama was a good mask to use, since it hides the custom head...

Neo Silveron 2.0

Basicly mechanical angel of death. Gave him gun wings(Removable, limbs that attach for this become added bulk to the shoulders), scythe, sheild, new eyepiece and longer legs

Ivness 2.0

changed some armor parts, added Brain attack's Furno cape onto her, along with adding holsters for knives. Also, despite the fact I still have them, I've removed the nuva boobs!

Also for those bothered by the exposed balljoints on the chest, I can either place the nuva boobs back or put hero factory plates

Comment and give critique, and like if you really love these mocs!


I dunno what it would do to articulation, but the Size 3 HF Armor on Ivness looks really good.

All of these upgrades are pretty great, but bro, gotta get on some better photography skillz and background and such


The first one's body seems to small, but maybe it's the angles. Otherwise theyre pretty good.

I love how all these guys are coming along. I agree with @Nyran about the photos (yet again stuck_out_tongue).

For Ivness' knee-pads, it actually doesn't really hinder anything, just covers the ugly joint. Heck it's pretty posable and can be reconfigured. Also if you can't tell, the knees are balljoint-sideways socket things, so basicly, Lateral Knee movement Puts on Aviators

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I mean also the Torso.

My apologies for the mistake. Those are actually on Silveron, Vent and a few other mocs. They actually hinder the articulation alot since I need to bring the shoulders out or move pieces in specific(sometimes ugly) areas to make sure they get the pose I want

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I love the Custom head you gave Jeris. Very creative. I wish I thought of something like that.