MOC updates

So I have updated a few of my MOCs, I was going to show this earlier but I knew that I would be forgetting someone, and I was. any-shoot, ON TO DA MUACKZ!

First up is Viperex! I mainly changed her back armor, and swapped out some shells on her upper legs and arms. as to make her look less weak and make her seem like she fits in with the rest.



action poses? I have no idea, my brain was scrambled after I watched an episode of Gundam unicorn (Great show, BTW you should all check it out)

CRIMSON! mainly I added some armor add-ons, as to make his limbs look thicker, I may add some to his lower legs as well. I also added some hoses to his insides, because they look cool.



Checking the time? I have no idea what I was doing.

Walking…after he got drunk? I dunno!

And the largest updates! RaptorTalon! now with good looking legs, custom hands (credit goes to Chris roach for making the base design, and credit to Declan muller for showing them to me, then I modded them to my tastes. BTW you should check both of them out. they both make some great Transformers MOCs. and Declan is a awesome dude, I dunno about Chris, but eh, whatever)



WITH HIS ENERGY SWORD! Now he can join Ketros in the jedi club! like I said, I have been watching Gundam unicorn, and they are all over in that show. the sword is my own design, but if anyone has used something like it before then I will gladly credit.

a closer look at that sword.

More sword.

Goodbye! and I hope to see you all soon!


Really great improvements! I love the spiky detailings on RaptorTalon; I can tell that your moccing skills are vastly improving, especially on Crimson!

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Thanks man! glad that someone likes spikes almost as much as I do! Thanks!

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The MOC with the white and green colour scheme, is his sword made from transparent lime green cones stable?

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RaptorTalon? kinda.

Does you moc use any illegal building techniques?

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The sword? or the figure?

The sword


How did you build his sword without it being unstable?

I just stacked nose-cones. some of them are really tight, others are not. and it has a cross-axle attaching it to the rest, and I added a hand-guard (not shown) to it, it is more stable now.

I think is you them through a light saber type of connection then they’ll be a lot more stable

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I have some green light sabers, I could do that. Thanks!

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You’re very welcome

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Technically, putting nose cone pieces on rod pieces is an illegal connection, so maybe not do that.

But anyway, these guys are cool, but mostly boring. RaptorTalon’s update is the only one that sticks out to me, and to him, I give a 10/10

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I don’t it’s illegal if you use this piece

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Yeah, I think it’s something about the plastic the rods are made from that makes them too tight for the nose cones, and that makes the plastic stressed.

I didn’t know that was an illegal technique

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nor did I. but I have gotten a ton of them stuck…

Thanks! and how would you say that they are boring?

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Well, you know, they’re just Hero Factory. It’s a bit boring, but RaptorTalon is unique!

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