MOC: Vaharu, Toa of Stone

Just photos here:

This is probably one of my favorite MOCs I've built. Hand designs inspired by Fenrek.

A member of the same Toa Team as Trunon, Vaharu is strong and proud. A mighty Toa of Stone, he strives for greatness, and greatness he is destined for. He is smart, but can be a bit bullheaded at times, much like his element. Vaharu wears the Kanohi Matatu, mask of Telekinesis, which he uses frequently, whether it be in combat, or just for general uses. Telekinesis is quite a convenient mask power, after all. Vaharu is also known to be quite the Kohlii player, much like another Toa of Stone that he is always looking up to. Always willing to be by Trunon's side in times of need, Vaharu makes an invaluable addition to any team.


lookin great as a toa of stone. Got confused though because he looks like he could have a sand element on him

Ooh... I haven't seen a Noble Matatu on a Toa of Stone before! Nice choice for a mask!

The build itself is awesome, and I love the hunch!


Nothing more need be said.


I really like this moc, it feels like a real toa of stone. I like the use of your pieces and your custom build. I like the way you used the slizers heads for the shoulders. I also like the tohunga arm in the back I almost thought the moc had a gear on the back. The use of classic Bionicle makes this even all the better. You get a 9.5/10 from me.

I really like it. It has that 'Toa of stone' vibe to it. The detail also looks epic

Well Done smiley

Wait A Sec
Vaharu Toa Of Stone

Vanaru The Rahi Hunter

I could be Irony that their names sound alike or not

Your cinematography is really good compared to most people to create MOCs. This looks awesome.

Oh man, yes.
this looks absolutely amazing.

This thing keeps being a joy to look at haha, didn't know you were active on here too.

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I love it! Could probably use more brown on the forearms, but other than that, it's great! cookie for you.

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This looks like Onua Mata.

If he was in control of the element of Stone.

And 700 times better

12/10 m8


Dang. I'm impressed. Originality to the MAX.