★ MOC. Venator


The Praeqer people was a pioneer in developing the necessary technology to transfer consciousness to a cybernetic artificial body. Gigantic of these bodies were constructed to fight the titans of the north of Urokum. At the end of the war, the body bearers were relocated to organize fights as entertainment.
Ghul’Raak, known as Venator was one of these ancient warriors. […]

The building of this Moc was actually finished in August 2018, but hey, real life , laziness and such
happy new year lol
I would have used more trans-pink pieces and maybe the yellow is a bit out of place, I have mixed feelings about it
◆Drawing concept: https://www.deviantart.com/darkraimaster99/art/Cybernetic-beings-sketches-786894136

:arrow_forward:More pics on Flickr:


The scale and texturing of this moc is great! 9.4/10

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Amazing MOC, I have no words.

cool head, me likey

That is a magnificent head.

Beast! The heel wheels are a very interesting choice. The head is both like a face, but not like a face at the same time. Reminds me of the robot design in Horizon Zero Dawn. Very cool.


I wish there was more yellow to balance out the color scheme

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I think the color scheme is fine, yellow looks great to me here.

I dig the video to go with it. Totally awesome build.