~ MOC: Voltarek, Guardian of the Red Star ~

Voltarek was specifically created to guard and manage the justice system within the Red Star. Anyone trying to escape? He’ll be there. Anyone trying to break in? They won’t stand a chance.

Sporting a huge scythe, and a huge chest, Voltarek is an intimidating figure. Don’t let his spindly limbs fool you as he wears the Kanohi Gyris, The Great Mask of Density Control.

The Kanohi Gyris allows the user to significantly decrease the weight of any object they are holding relative to it’s original weight. This means that Voltarek can swing his scythe around like Mjölnir, Thors hammer.

(If the images seem squashed just click on them, if not then no worries)


that . is . amazing ! , i really like the colours and the hammer and is that vakama’s weapon i see ?

Indeed it is Vakamas weapon. That is actually the weapon that gave me the idea to build this MOC. I wanted to see if it could fit into a Vahki head like the regular disc launchers.

How can he hold that huge hammer?.. Anyway, this MOC is coolio! I haven’t seen the Vahki heads used on many MOCs recently, either!


Cool, but how does the SET hold the hammer?

This is amazing and the modified vahki head looks amazing

Cool, but how does the SET hold the hammer?

If you look closely you’ll see that there are friction joints on the side with the scythe. It’s still pretty heavy but it “can” be posed.

Oh, thanks!

I never knew Vakama’s disk launcher could fit in a Vahki head…

It doesn’t … It took a bit of thinking to figure out a way to safely get it in there and then to keep it stable.

The legs are a little thin compared to the rest of him, but other than that, he’s pretty solid!

My life is a lie!

Hue hue hue. I meant it doesn’t naturally fit (no pinholes). For sure the plastic can slide through (I didn’t have to modify the piece) but I had to build a fancy “clamp” system to keep it in place.

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