Moc Weapons that I've made

Here is some weapons that I've made for my Mocs.

First up is the Railgun

Last for the railgun is the "Magazine"

Next is a D.E.C (Directed. Energy. Caster) its used by the E.P.D mentioned in my earlier topic post.

Lastly is the grenade laucher.

And those are some weapons I've made hope you enjoy.


I think you should add some kind of stock in the back, right now it looks like the stock is a stick.

On which one?

The first one. Other than that it has a nice build.

Oh the Railgun? It is shoulder mounted. A stock would be nice on it though if it was held like a rifle (Like in halo). So I'll see what I can do with it without messing up the profile.

I think there is already a "Moc Weapons" Topic...

Probably, only so many words to use though.

What I mean is there is a general topic for everyone to just post their weapons...

oh dunno if there is.

Here it is:

I really like the design of the rail gun.


@EvilLobsterKing thanks for the link.

Edited for Double Post.

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No problem, just something I thought you could know about...

Yep saves me the time of making a full on topic post heheh.

It is pretty great. You can also discuss, and be inspired...

Yep :smile:

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Ok sorry.

Pretty good. I just have to say that you need to work on the dec. it looks more like random peices slapped together rather than a gun or any kind of weapon in general.

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Ok I will.