MOC Weapons

Becuase Buster sword. I know the blade isn't exactly sharp, but I think it's okay. stuck_out_tongue


That reminds me of a MOC I wanted to make... Time to get my bins out

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dumps bins all over the floor AGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!!!!

wait...this is going to take a year to clean up...


That is NOT a glaive. Although BloonsTD is a great series, it is inaccurate in that respect. A Glaive is a polearm with a thick, knife-like blade at the end.

He was actually referencing Warframe with his Glaive

Oh I realize a glaive is a different weapon, but the Glaive Oculus uses is based off of the game Warframe which has a tri-bladed boomerang-like weapon named the Glaive. Though an improper name, I liked it anyways.
The misuse of the name glaive for a throwable weapon goes back (As far as I know) to an old movie named "Krull".

This is the weapon that it was based off of:

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Left: K4's Wrist Switchblades
Long thing: Timorik's Tusk Staff


Nice buster sword.

This is a sword that can unlock a massive ammount of a toa's power that they normally could not use.

I'll skip the details and just say that this is a robot hand that gives you control over an element if you load a toa stone of that element into it.

These are just guns.

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You should probably not double post, @Sciencegiraffe.

I do quite like the way your weapons look! Keep making more! smiley


oh man sounds familiar :stuck_out_tongue:


These are the weapons of my newest MOC.


I want to see that MOC.

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Remind me someday to upload all of my weapon sketches from the past 2 1/2 years is posting two or more posts in a you just did.

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Thanks, Beetle!

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Anywho... I'll post pictures of my MOCs custom weapons...

...once I have time to build some...

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