MOC Weapons

Rather then a usual MOC topic, this will comprise any and all people who want to only share/talk about a MOC's weapons

I guess I'll start by offering my self moc's current/strongest weapon


I will definitely be posting here later.

Here's one that I'm very fond of. It's simple but really cool. I'm surprised LEGO never did this.


Magma Spear

Forging Hammer


That's a big sword flushed

Here's a shotgun ....


That thing is huge!

Maybe a little too huge, actually.

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being that the blade is made of Tahu's board pieces... yeah it's a big broadsword


These are all awesome!.......I have a weapon

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I'll make an album with all my MOCs weapons at some point. (Including the hammer from my future Artakha MOC)


One thing that I have noticed is that most MOC weapons look better suited for channelling energy than for physical combat... I wish I still had some of mine together.


Here is my self mocs weapon.

6 Likes a pretty stick....good job!

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I'm 75% sure this topic was made before.

A lot of times I just stick a generic one-piece weapon on to a MOC, but make sure the weapon fits their personality. They're usually a lot more complex in-story.

I have been working with custom weapons some, especially recently. Here's a couple of mine:

Drakaal's flamethrower and gatling gun are some of my few experiences with modern weaponry building. I'm terrible making them look convincing, and don't have much of a taste for them either, so I tend to stick with melee weaponry.

The "Death Hammer", one of my first stylized weapons. It was designed around the use of the skull piece from the Indiana Jones Temple Escape set. I want to revamp this weapon in future.

Mokatu's bow V2. One of my personal favorite weapons.

Another personal favorite of mine. It's actually for a MOC that hasn't been released yet, and it's meant to be a "legendary" weapon in-story, so I wanted it to be more stylized and have the Chima minifigure wings on the hilt.


the latter is a keyblade


Although simple, the intention was to make a pickaxe but more glorified to fit Stoax's Toa status (as demonstrated by the Matoro blades). I think the result didn't come out that bad.


I haz key blade toooooo

Except mine doesn't actually look like a key and is only a key blade because it's summoned by the strength key :stuck_out_tongue: It also uses the Atlantis key piece


but yours isn't the keyblade I was talking about


I know... But I was bored and felt like posting something stuck_out_tongue

I have two weapons for Oculus.
The first one is a large Blade of Magnetism. The size of this full metal blade shows the pure strength of Oculus.

The second more recent but more commonly used by Oculus is a weapon known as the Glaive.
It was forged in Artahka and specifically made for a Toa of Magnetism so he could throw it and use his elemental powers to guide it in the air and return it to him. It also folds up into a smaller version of itself where it's blades are concealed. Which can be attached to the wrist for easy access when needed.


Nice! and I cant wait to see that MOC!