MOC: Zeta Centurion

In the far reaches of the galaxy lurks the Zeta clan, an infamous mercenary group that can and will slaughter anything… for the right price

(This is my first MOC post on here, so be gentle)

The Zeta Centurion is an idea I came up with a few years back, made a prototype, and never really carried through with it. I came back to it recently and decided to spice it up a bit.

This thing is a beast. My direction for this guy was to make what a aircraft carrier based transformer would look like, and I think I accomplished that fairly well.

It is very sturdy, with lots of internal bracing and struts tying his legs and torso together.

[yes, that’s a harpoon gatling gun]

Comment what you think of this guy, and what I could improve on, Thanks!


Holy gadunka I love this guy! This is great he looks super post apocalyptic

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Thanks! I kind of make that aesthetic in all of my creations, whether I mean it or not. I’ll be sure to post more soon!

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I’ll make sure to check those out

Oh and welcome to the boards

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“Oh No You Didn’t.”
Deadpool/10. This guy is a beast.

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This looks awesome
I really like the cluttered look it has that pulls off the post apocalyptic vibe

Also Welcome to the Message boards

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This has to be his theme song now.

I love how over the top he looks, it’s awesome.

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Yeah, there was a point where I wanted to be more conservative with his armaments, but then I gave up and stuck as many weapons on it as I could. Thanks for the input!

I love the system elements, especially the knight helmet with Roman crest, and the chrome arrows. 'Tis a tad messy, though.

Yeah, I like to look at it as a sentient pile of garbage engulfed in green flames.

This is the true War Machine!

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Just made a new post! Come take a look if you like.

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