MOCing Help

I need help with the torso design on my self moc. Not looking for any direct ideas, but just a collective group of inspiration. This is the progress so far:

The waist is connected with this piece:

I at least need hinge articulation, but swivel articulation is optional. I just need a few ideas to get a better understanding of what to do.


the easy thing to do would be the vahki waist and regular hand for the hinge

or if you want a longer waist you could still attach it to the modified hand you have now


The issue with the Vahki waist is I can’t find the right way to add on the armor. It always comes out as a mess or too loose.

you could do better than this i just threw it together as an outline
could change up some stuff, and it doesn’t wiggle, so thats good i guess

  1. that torso looks sweet I would love to see how it’s build
  2. you could get some greats ideas on

Subjectively looking a good bit better than last time. Although I still question the use of that tube around the neck.

As for waist designs. Connecting a standard hand socket to a Vahki waist opens up a lot of possibilities.

These are a few easy ways to amor a vahki torso


First i need to know what it’s supposed to be in the end. Then I can give good advice

Thank you all for the help so far. I’ll be answering questions that I didn’t expect


Most of the accessories on the moc, like the tube around the neck, are removable. In earlier iterations of the moc, it was actually accessorized with pieces of jewelry I had. I found it best to instead make custom accessories out of technic.


What it’s supposed to be? If you’re questioning species-wise, it’s an Atua. A weaker form of a Great Being.

If that’s the case add trans pieces, anywhere you can.

I’d start using the two ball joints on the side, for extra arms skirts or whatevere so you don’t have to worry about them looking awkward when It’s done

I’m mainly adding trans on the inside wherever I can. The majority of my trans pieces are bohrok eyes, almost all of which are already used.


The ball joints will actually be cut off, since they hinder the arm movement. Gotta wait until I get money for bricklink first.

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Frankly, I’m not too good at complex MOCing. But have you considered the waist swiveling piece from the new Bionicle sets?

I have, it isn’t compatible with the build. :confused:

I take it you aren’t getting rid of the stupid ccbs torso then,
Just gonna chop it to pieces.
Alright then.

I don’t see any viable way to replace it. Unless you have ideas.

Like I’ve already suggested,

Make a technic frame, it will ultimately result in a better looking moc, and will also save you a piece.

I’ll see what I can work with. However I’m not certain I have enough half beams.