Mocists Interview Project

Edit: Thank you to everyone who's decide to help me out. Right now I'm going to have to put a hold on new interviews since I've gotten more then I've expected. May be back up for interviews later. Please note this doesn't mean I want this topic closed, I'll message a mod to close it when my projects done.

So, here's the deal. I have a school project coming up where I chose a certain subject then interview at least 3 people about that subject. My idea is to make my project about mocing but the problem is I don't have any friends that are in to mocing, or Lego for that matter. My idea is to interview Message Board members since I know most people here are mocists. If you'd like to be interviewed or are interested please read below.

To answer some potential questions:

  • The interview will include 10 questions about Lego Mocing.

  • This presentation will only be seen by my teacher, myself and anyone participating who wants to see it.

  • This project will not require any information of yourself, will not require pictures of you or your mocs, and will not require me to personally voice chat anyone.

  • Requirements to participate include; a microphone, the ability to speak french or english, the ability to send an audio file, and that you have built anything original from Lego.

  • This is a tenth grade project so quality isn't a necessity. Any microphone will do, even a built in mic is acceptable. Lego mocs do not have to be posted to the Message Boards and I do not require proof of an original build.

How will the interview work?

Option 1: A voice chat on either Skype or Discord. I will ask you 10 questions (1 at a time) in which you can have as short or as long of an answer as you want. The interview will be audio recorded only.

Option 2: I can send you the ten questions via E-Mail which you can answer (again, as short or as long answers as you want). This option requires you to record the audio yourself. When done you can send it back to me via E-Mail. (This option I won't have to contact you in voice chat).

If you're a Lego mocist, and you'd like to be interviewed that would be greatly appreciated.

There is no limit to how many people can be interviewed but I require a minimum of 2. I can interview my brother which will count as my third.

My project is due the 4th of April.

If you'd like to know more about me or the project feel free to ask any questions.

I don't expect anyone to want or have any interest in this. I just thought it would be cool to do a project about Lego Mocing. I urge you not to accept an interview if you have any doubts whatsoever. This is just a grade 10 project. If I don't get any interviews everything will be okay.

Please Note: I require at least 1 person interviewed to speak french. If no one can speak french I can always interview my brother as my French speaker.


I'd like to be interviewed through Option 2, via email.

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i'd like to b interviewed via email. i'd be happy to help with this project! (but I can't speak french so don't now whether I can help)

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I'd definitely like to help you out and also be interviewed, but I can't speak French, unfortunately.

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I can go for either option.


I would love to help out! I can go for either option, though I'm not a french speaker in any sense.


I'd like email please.

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@BBricks @yolo360nosescope @ThatOneMOCist @Sammythekat @RaptorTalon @Khalsa721
Thank you everyone for your interest. I cannot send the questions right away as I'm in school right now. When I get home I will message all of you. For those asking, you do not need to speak French to participate.


Sweet! can't wait!


heck yeah!

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I can do it, email option

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So how do we get you our emails?

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i would like to help through email. Sadly i forgot all of the little french i know.

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Edit: Thank you to everyone who's decide to help me out. Right now I'm going to have to put a hold on new interviews since I've gotten more then I've expected. May be back up for interviews later. Please note this doesn't mean I want this topic closed, I'll message a mod to close it when my projects done.

Thank you again to everyone. I've sent everyone the questions and some people my available times to do a voice chat interview. Now, I'm going to post examples for my questions. These examples are not guidelines and should not affect your answers. They are only to help you understand the question if you do not. If you still don't understand a question feel free to contact me.

One. (Question: How did you get into mocing?)

Example Answer: I got into mocing because my friend showed me Bionicles back in 2004. I instantly fell in love with Bionicles but not by collecting them, instead I'd buy sets and use the pieces to make my own characters and I've been hooked ever since.

Two. (Question: Why do you make Lego mocs?)

Example Answer: I make Lego mocs because I love the feeling of making something completely original that looks amazing. Lego gives me the ability to make what I want while also having the freedom to make original work.

Three. (Question: How many hours do you think you've spent mocing?)

Example Answer: I think I've spent about 80 hours mocing throughout my entire life.

Four. (Question: What are some inspirations you commonly pull from when mocing?)

Example Answer: My mocs are heavily inspired by most video games I play. Usually I draw elements from Destiny or StarCraft II into my mocs.

Five. (Question: How has mocing effected your life?)

Example Answer: Through my years of mocing I think I've grown artistically, creatively and I've made a few friends along the way.

Six. (When mocing do you set a theme/have an idea for your moc or do you start building and see where you get?)

Example Answer: Sometimes I set a theme if I have a certain idea in my head but usually I just start building and go along with what I randomly create.

Seven. (Question: Some mocists write stories to give their mocs more depth. Do you typically write about your mocs or not?)

Example Answer: I don't write stories mainly because they're time consuming and I'm not that great at writing.

Eight. (Question: Mocing isn't just about building, it's also about community and sharing ideas. Do you typically share your mocs with other people?)

Example Answer: I like to share my mocs with other people. I usually share on Biogram and here on the Message Boards.

Nine. (Question: Why or why do you not share your mocs?)

Example Answer: I share my mocs because I love to get feedback on them and sometimes change things about a moc based on suggestions from people that I agree with.

Ten. (Question: What is your favourite part of mocing?)

Example Answer: My favourite part of mocing is the final product. It's always great to stand back and appreciate your moc in all it's glory.

Sorry for any spelling mistakes. It's real late and I'm real tired.


I already answer them!


Yeah, I got your answers don't worry.

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I'd like to be interviewed, Skype is ollie Lynass! I can speak a little French, not very fluently but good enough, Id probably use your brother though. I actually think this a really interesting idea!

Ok, I can't guarantee you an interview right now. I'm still dealing with my first wave of people I'm interviewing but I think I'll have enough time to interview you aswell. Regardless of what happens, thank you for your interest.

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