MOCombination Model: G2 Makuta

This combination model (Onua Uniter, Terak, Skull Basher, Quake Beast, that one Lego Castle set that used the Gadunka teeth) was surprisingly annoying to build. I’d say he’s one of my better-looking (completed) MOCs.

Front view

Back view

Armorless torso front view

Armorless torso back view; the axle connector piece is for completing the weapon

Armorless torso side view

Neck/shoulder armor attachments

Armor deattached (I just thought it was a cool shot to include)

Armorless front view

Wearing the Mask of Creation

Size comparison with Ekimu

Sorry for just uploading the text first, I accidentally clicked on Create Topic instead of Upload. I know that sounds stupid, but it’s true


This is probably one of the best combination models ive ever seen


That’s a very cool look you managed to build here. The Ehlek spines seem a bit out of place though

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what a thicc-ie

A bit busy on the top but still looks great

Love that brute-esque look of it.

He looks like he has a giant spiny backpack on his back.


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Very spiky, I love it!