MOCs and Miscellany (with creature head instructions!)

Hi all! Just an odd mix of stuff for this one, including some instructions for an elemental creature head with a working lower jaw!

G2 Matoro

Made this one with leftover parts from Rire the Huntress.
A rehash of Matoro’s various matoran forms, with a club instead of a pick or kohlii stick and glowy lightstones in place of his little red flags.

Spiked Crossbow

This one’s been hanging around for a while. It was originally meant for a Daily Hero - a goblin ranged assassin with earth powers, which I just couldn’t get to work. I rerolled and ended up with Throg, but the crossbow was too cool to scrap.

The Vessel

Not sure what was going on with this one. Kinda inspired by old fashioned science lab equipment, mostly just me playing around with interesting pieces.

2016 Creature Head with Jaw

After seeing this animation and seeing this done with blu-tak, I got to thinking there must be a purist way to achieve the same effect - and there is! Kinda.

WIP Raximoras Parts

A couple of designs which didn’t make their way into the final MOC, but warranted being shown anyways. That head design fits with Reidak’s canister topper.


That creature head with jaw looks really cool

Love that spiked crossbow

That crossbow design is sweet, I may have to steal it…
Not sure of the connection points, but the vessel looks like it would make a cool armour piece. :+1:

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Matoran is just amazing, I love his shield. The jaw for a creature head is really cool too.[quote=“Gringat, post:1, topic:33981”]
After seeing a really good stop motion motion animation with the creatures

Do you mean this?


I really like the way you did Matoro’s saw, and that crossbow design is just superb.

Very interesting and creative usage of parts here. My favorite has to go to the crossbow.

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That’d be the one!


That crossbow looks really cool! It almost looks as though it were functional.

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Some very cool designs, particularly the crossbow and The Vessel.

Edited title - Jack_Frost
I assume you meant creature head not beast head.

These all look pretty good for what they are.
I really like creature head design, do you mind if I ever use it? I’ll make sure to credit you.

Feel free! And thanks, aye.

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Crossbow is great, so is the creature head, but too bad the front spike won’t work easily anymore.