Mocs and photos: Things i created past 2 Weeks

So here they are, Mostly Revamps stuck_out_tongue

Here Is Hordika Vakama Revamp, Still Gappy, but Its definition of Revamp by me (Use important pieces from orginal to make new one look better)... Anyways He has better articulation, while he cannot shot Rothuka spinners.

Now, onto Gaaki:

I wanted her to have actual hands.. while i dont have Black Ben10 Hands, i had ones that mach with her colour + she can still shoot spinners

Time For my Revamped Vakhi!

I wanted Tha Vahi to have articulated Hands, while orginal did not + Add some armour on it

Ok... Whats next? Ah! My Matoran Revamp. @Kretta Here you go!

While others are revamps... These are not (..Realy):

Revamped/Darkned Universe all favorite Toa Hahli!

and her boyfriend Jalla(Toa Jaller)!

Now onto 2 Random things (While one is From 2012... other is based on PROTECTOR OF WATER! )

and this one:

Ok... thats all mocs i have for now!


I really like all of them, especially the vahki. I always thought that they didn't look menacing enough, but now if I saw this guy, even just walking around, I would freak out. Good job!

Thanks Bio! :3

Great Vahki revamp. Not too sure about the huge feet though...

That Matoran is a masterpiece!

@legomaster1378 Just felt like making feet as a Piraka-like style + still having abbility to Make "Spider" Mode look good stuck_out_tongue
@Leoxandar Thanks, Idea just came to me yesterday :3

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Epic Vahki revamp!

Thanks collector! (apparently Vahi Gets Much more attention than predicted, It was The first moc of 2014 tho!

Nice! smiley

Very nice builds!

I like your Gakki the most.
Hahli is my second pick.

Although, to me, your Matoran looks kind of awkward.

Funny, you think mine's awkward. I think yours is awkward.

Gakki looks awesome! And so does the Vahki!

I'll say that the Vahki's feet are too...wide, I guess?

THe revamps as a whole are pretty awesome, though.


@Kretta Thanks, I still think that making matoran less skinny is good stuck_out_tongue
@pikminjake Thanks! :3
@HordikaMillsy Thanks for comment! Legs Are wide 'couse... well they look better than just normal Leg parts from original vahki, I might rework them someday stuck_out_tongue

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The Vakama Hordika is my favorite by far. He stays true to the movie version while still looking good. Gaaki seems fitting, but I never really liked the feel of the Rahaga anyway. The Vahki is......okay I'm going to be honest it's odd. It looks more like a Hordika Vahki or something. Dat Spider form tho. The Matoran is cute, although the mask is wayyy too overused. My least favorite is Hahli though. She just seems too odd and bulky, and the upper body design is overused. Jaller is okay, but some parts placements seem awkward. Always a fan of that mask tho stuck_out_tongue

If these are some of your first, they're pretty good, man! Just ask if you want me to check out any other MOCs of yours smile

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thanks! Vakama is my Favorite charcter of bionicle! and i like my moc of him. as for matoran, i just did not get package with the Masks (I ordered Toa mata collection, 2 turaga, Stars tahu, fikou and MANY MANY masks. And they are still not here D:) and well, Vahki is just first attempt to do not inika-build moc stuck_out_tongue (and first moc of 2014! unless you count that water protector guy >.>)

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These are really cool revamps!

I really like the look of the more movie-accurate Vahki and Toa, makes me almost nostalgic.

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I love your Vahki, and Vakama's pretty good, too. However, I'm not a big fan of how you did Hahli. Still, pretty good job overall; keep up the good work!

Well yeah, i will revamp her as soon as i get parts!

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wait wut

I think you mean Rhotuka spinners