MOCs: Bionicle 2017

I wasn’t very happy with the cancelation of Bionicle, so I decided to get into mocing and make my own sets. My good friend @Poharu told me I should post my creations here, so you guys could give me some feedback, so feedback is appriciated :smiley:

One thing to note: I tried to make the mocs as close to what Lego would do. Of course they aren’t as good as what Lego makes, but imo they are close.

First I will give you a bit of information of what my ideas are for 2017. I pretty much removed the complete fourth episode of Journey to One and changed it so that the Toa enter the Shadow Realm. For that they needed the Armor of Light. This is why all my Toa have gold and white incorporated into their color scheme. They also got new weaponry and masks of -insert own element- and light.

Let’s start with Kopaka. He was the first one I built.

Next one: Gali (if only I had that trans dark blue mask ;-; )

Next up: Pohatu

Next one: Tahu

Next: Lewa

A new character me and Poharu came up with: Kjupak, a mystery to everyone who isn’t good or evil.

You’re probably wondering where Onua is… well, I haven’t had to chance to build him yet and I still need to order some parts off bricklink for him. I will probably post him here once he’s done.
If you have any questions, feel free to ask. I can also provide more information/pictures if anyone is interested.

Thanks for reading!
~Niels / Gresh


Tahu and Lewa don’t look great imo, but the rest are pretty good.
I like the combined look of G1 and G2 in these, it makes it feel like an actual 2017 wave, surprisingly.


I can see the relations between these and the concept art. They also look pretty great, but Lewa is a bit awkward.


I wasn’t too happy with Lewa either, will probably go back to the drawingboard with him. Do something about the gold bits for sure, probably also the lowerleg bits.
Thanks for the feedback so far :smile:

I like Lewa, but try not to use white on fire or air Toa, but it looks great I love the feel of the sets

The white in the toa looks bad

Interesting that you think they would need armor of light, as I was thinking they would need armor of shadow so they wouldn’t stand out and be caught. The concept is great and very well executed. I agree that Tahu and Lewa do seem a bit off though.

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I originally wanted to do something with shadow armor too, but after some thinking and discussing we came up with the armor of light. This way we could also bring Takanuva into the story. Thanks for the feedback!

I started doing some work on Lewa and Tahu. Will wait with posting pictures until I’m fully satisfied with them though.

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Well Takanuva has been seen being infused by shadow and light but I understand.

Looking forward to seeing them sir.

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Would prolly buy.

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I have finished updating Lewa and Tahu, still not 100% happy with the both of them, but good enough to share them with you.

For Lewa I changed out the wings, his shins and the armor on his chest. I also had to change his feet because the unity pieces don’t work with the Nuva feet.
I didn’t change much about Tahu, except making his back a bit less chaotic and removing his launcher. Might eventually change those silver armor pieces to orange if I get the pieces.
Finally, I have a little sneakpeak of what Onua will become:

Do note that Onua isn’t finished yet. I still need several parts to complete him, like his weapon and stickers for his chestplate.


Lewa looks much better, I think removing the gold by his chest plate fixes the color scheme visually.
Tahu still seems off with his color distribution but I can’t put my finger on it. I did notice he is the only one without white feet, which doesn’t seem to fit with the aesthetic.
Onua is looking good but there is a lot of white in one place on his lower legs, maybe switching the shells and add-ons with the ones on the upper arms would look better?
Once again, these are great sir.

Onua is looking good swift the white as said before and the big sword is throughing me off, since his weapon looks like a hammer but has a big sword on it. For missing pieces use bricklink I do and it is pretty good, once you really get the hang
Of the site, it does not take two long.

I’ll see what I can do about the colors. I don’t know what weapon you mean though… Tahu’s sword? Because Onua doesn’t have his weapon yet. Going to give him an upgraded hammer using those new nexo knights wheel pieces and a golden drill tip.

I’ve been using bricklink for many years now so I’m very familiar with it :wink: My dad has a store on there as well.

Nice what store I may use it and Lewa for the hammer thing

It’s more a scythe than a hammer, at least that’s what I tried to make. About the store, no idea if I can post that here so I’ll pm you the name in a bit.

I really like these. The common theme of wings, and some white accents, goes a long way to keep these guys looking unified. Only one thing- Where’s Onua?

Thanks! If you scroll up a bit you can see what I’ve done for Onua. He’s not finished yet so that’s why I haven’t included him in the first post yet. Once I have all the components I need to finish him I will update the first post.

There he is! Looks pretty good, but the chest definitely needs decals, like you said. Gold versions of those feet also exist, maybe try that? The white ones make the legs a bit plain.

I currently don’t own those in gold, but they are on my wanted list on bricklink. Will try them once I got them.

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