MOCs/Concepts: Matoran, body parts, and a WIP

Oi, I'm pretty tired. :dizzy_face:

The Matoran:

(I believe I didn't already show this one)

I put some clothes on Krumun (and gave him his own hammer).

Some leg (which probably is just gonna stay like this)

A shoulder with an arm:

A body without limbs that I had laying around for months now:

Next to a Mata build I did out of boredom (you could call him a Toa of Rivers or Lakes)

This is the biggest thing for this topic.
I started building a Toa of Lightning, with a relatively interesting color scheme (in comparison to my other MOCs), and I somehow lost myself while building the body. The shaping is pretty good, but I hate how much silver it has, so I'll rebuild it (I actually put more silver on the legs and arms after realizing my mistake, to see how it would turn out).

I'm sorry if my language is horrible.
Anyway, I hope to get some interesting/nice comments.


one of the images has not uploaded, but the rest are fantastic!

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Neat concepts; the torso with treads looks the best...though I have a special place in my heart for ol' Leggy the leg

I really like the way that leg looks; the Metru shoulder pad providing some nice shaping. The Toa of Lightning is looking pretty nice as well.

These look really good.
I love how that toa of lightning looks so far!

Nice MOCs. I like how small the matoran are.

That's a neat Matoran build. I may have to steal it.