MOCs: CORE mk1 and CORE Orbix (AKA mk2)

''now i'm free,there are no strings on me..''
~obvious Ultron rip-off

CORE was a supercomputer AI on Exal. but a virus entered his program,and completely corrupted him. he then came to the conclusion that he was being used,that he was imprisonned in this computer. CORE started using factury robots to build himself a body out of anything they could find.

he was then free.
he decided to attempt to wipe out everything living on Exal,so he can free the other AIs and live in ''peace''.
he keeps upgrading himself with new technologies and weapons everytime he figure some out,which results in him being extremely powerfull.


more pictures:

CORE Orbix (AKA mk2):

more pictures:

evolution of CORE:


It's an Ultron knockoff. But it's a good Ultron knockoff.


@Marendex_T17 Yes,it is.but thanks.


Ok, these are awesome. I tried making an ultron moc at 4 am after watching the trailer 3 times...

It was bad news bears...


@helryx Thanks!

you shouldn't try to MOC at 4 am..


He ended up with a gunmetal shoulder and a purple shoulder. I learned my lesson...


i just can't imagine Ultron with a purple shoulder xD

maybe you could try to re-build something like it when your brain isn't asleep?

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It wasn't that, it was really dark. I didn't want my parents knowing I was up. I'm waiting for jango fett so I can get the lower leg armor. It's hard to make something tall and thin in ccbs...


@helryx Oh,okay,sorry. xD

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np m8!

so it's all gr8

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Yep smile

My brain doesn't turn of until about 6 laughing

Alright xD

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The first version of CORE is very messy, but it conveys the First Form Ultron feel rather nicely.

The second form is good. I like the head, but can it be rotated upwards a bit? It looks like he's constantly looking down.

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What head is on mark 2...

that would be brain-attack Bulk's helmet. It's funny and shaped like a face if you look at it properly


...I knew it was HF, but wasn't sure what it was...

@Vuhii Yeah,but it's supposed to look scrappy. Thanks!

gonna call them both ultron, because I feel like it, and you cannot stop me


I like mk 1 for what its trying to represent, and for once, the red balljoints actually kind of work

second one is nice too, but my problems lie in the legs
Lower legs to be exact, they seem too long.

@Pot8o Hey you!

But yeah,thanks.