MOCs: Dmitry Yelchukov and RAD

RAD:‘‘WhEN Are We LEvINg For OUR BooTIFUL QUest OF rainBOWZ?’’

Dmitry:‘‘Sigh Soon,soon. now shut up.’’

Dmitry is one of the last sane humans of the great city Moscow,and probably the whole world. All the other ones either died or went crazy.
He found an old rebellious MATD bot named ‘‘RAD’’ and together they’re on a ‘‘bootifull quest of rainbows’’,as RAD says, to find what destroyed humanity 50 years ago,and fix it.

more pictures:

An old MATD model,a military robot once used for transport and combat,before the apocalypse.
This particular unit’s antenna was shot in battle and he was abandonned. 60 years after,an unknown signal woke him up and he now acts pretty weird,seeing as his communnication antenna is dead. He joined a fella named Dmitry Yelchukov to find the cause of humanity’s almost-extinction

more pictures:

Myeh. These guys are so customised they don’t ever]en look like bonkles anymore.
I love them anyway.

Even thought RAD can’t stand up


an NCR Ranger,
and atlas clap trap.

I like them.

I love the Ranger first one.


you forget one thing

they are russian

@Overlord_Ghosty You just keep outdoing yourself with post-apocolyptic, Gritty or dirty yet futurisic works, well done!

Reminds me a lot of Fallout: New Vegas. As you said, I wouldn’t really call them Bionicles anymore, you’re essentially created a new action figure of itself, so well done mate.

@RaggedClaws Thanks alot guys!

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Are these mocs of threeA toys?

Pretty much,yeah.

Dis, I wont draw it


I will buy is for -0,01¥

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Yens, currency in Japan

I’m not familiar with other countrie’s money.