MOCs: Kalthyr & Cylestine

Cylestine (Blue and Gold figure)- A female elemental spirit of energy soul bound to golden armor. Gentle in nature, but a fierce warrior in combat.

Kalthyr (Black and Azure tall MOC)- A demon mercenary from the nation island of Doraegon in the Netherworld. He is an evolved, bipedal species of the Netherworld dragon, giving him the ability to manipulate and breath fire.


The colors for Kalthyr are a bit odd, but it looks good nevertheless.

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I really like how Cylestine looks. The armouring looks good on her.

The colours for Kalthyr do look odd, however. His wings are a bit eh, but I do like his overall build.

Yeah. I don’t know why I picked black and Azure as his scale colors, but it is what it is. The silver is just armor. The trans Orange represents hell fire skin patches.

They wouldn’t look odd if I could fill them out with something. I don’t have that something right now, so his wings are going to be like that for awhile.

I must point out that the print on Lewa’s chest piece on his neck is not supposed to be there. I’ll get rid of it soon.

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Nice, I like the way Cylestine came out. The overall shaping and torso look great.


Okay, these are pretty fantastic. Amazingly well designed MOCs here.