MOCs: Matoran

They’re the only MOCs I can mass-produce and still make unique, and that’s what makes them so cool.

McToran Toka (the McToran throwing arm is the best launcher in all of Bionicle):

Ce-Turaga Ilun:

Ta-Matoran fisherman Pinir:

Obligatory hunchback Matoran of unknown origin:

Matoran MOCs group shot (with a secret guest star):

Yeah that’s it.
Good night, luv ye.


Two and Three are pretty clonish, but I love the character they have.

I’ve always loved Matoran MOCs.

Nice to see more Matoran MOCs around. These all certainly have a great deal of personality, not to mention eye catching colors.


The colours between them really work well to distinguish them.
Pinir is my favourite.