MOCs: Melnik,and a new version of Zodiac

The pictures i want to post don't work,so i'l have to settle with links.

this is Melnik,A toa who got infected by a virus and decided to become a mercenary.

I love this guy.

And now Zodiac!
Our favorite gold genderfluid toa is back q:
(s)he'sMy secondary self-MOC,and my most popular character.
on the other sites,anyway.

the legs were based off Llortor's version btw:


Melnik I like a lot, only thing that draws my attention is the wheel though, feel maybe switching that out or blending it in with the body a little more would help.

As for Zodiac, I have a few issues, though its mainly easy to fix things for example the following;
• Replace the red balljoint piece with a black one, feels colour scheme breaking
• Replace blue pins on the legs with black pins
• Replace grey pin in stomach and crotch with black pins
• Consider replacing the shoulder armour piece used for the chest with a flatter piece

Just some things to consider, though I like the general design of Zodiac. Just feel those aspects either stick-out in terms of the colour scheme or could be improved slightly. Just would help with the overall sleek look of the MOC.

Thanks! I'll do my best to fix all those problems,eventually.

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welcome to the current ttvmb.

melnik is good, if blandly colored, maybe a highlight color would add something, a purple or green, or blue maybe.

I've never seen a nuva uni-boob before
seriously though,
if you use don't want to replace the balljoints with black ones, just add mata red to the color scheme, it would look nice.
also, the green vahki waist, you really need to get some in black, seriously.
the lower leg is super awkward and broken at the knee, fix it somehow.
otherwise, fine.

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you must not've explored around deviantart and youtube, ey?


Thanks luv new Zodiac. Otherwise that villain guy looks good

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Uh... What?

These are both pretty good! Melnik's limbs are pretty basic, but I really have no room to talk. I like the black Xplode helm and custom glatorian head.

Zodiac is also pretty cool, but I think the legs could use a bit more... shaping on the underside of the knees. Also, is there a story behind him/her? The description is confusing to say the least.

P.S. I actually like the Nuva Shoulder thing.

Basically a gender-neutral being who's effeminate and masculine at the same time

Oh okay. Hadn't heard that term before.

neither did I. Though then again maybe it's made up or something, IDK. you'd assume Fluid+Gender means it'd be liquid related or something

Awesome as always man!

Actually no, genderfluid means you swap or "fluctuate" between genders, which is why it is called gender fluid. To put it very, very simply, you could feel like a boy one day and a girl the other.

Also pretty cool mocs!

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@RaggedClaws Thanks everyone!

Nah it exists

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