MOCs: Okotoran

These are supposed to be villagers. I built these before Journey to One came out, so these may not be 100% accurate. I also used the POU, and also used system for the legs. I'm sorry if you find the uncovered bone on the Ice one distracting. I did these three things because they worked well with the scale.

The rest of the photos are in this album, along with the one I did in December.


As a whole they're pretty simple, but the legs (Especially on the Ice one), look pretty good.


Thanks. I have to agree, I like how the Ice one's legs flow.

pretty cool part usage

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I would like them better if they had custom shoulders.

But the legs look nice!

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The stone one does, but if you mean system shoulders, than I will look into a design. Thanks for the input.

Not too much of a fan of the torso, even though they're quite simple, but that leg design is pretty good.

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The ice one looks plain compared to the rest, but that's my only real gripe. That and it has no elbows.

That's actually kinda cute.

I like how bulky the stone one is

I mean something akin to the Protectors. These guys look really thin and flat using the torso's ball joints, so I feel it would look better if they had a bit more dimension.

These look great for how simple they are!

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The reason I made them small and simple is because of scale. Keep in mind, they are not the same size and mass of the protectors in story, so there made be things that have to be changed to look accurate to their actual size. They may look a little simplified or have no elbows, but that's because those are sacrifices that have to be made at that scale to keep things looking nice. If they did have that protector armor, or 3m's on their arms, they would look a little weird, or too bulky.

That being said, I will look into other alternatives for the arms, and maybe even push the POU forward. Or I could try out the protector torso, even though the POU seems like a better choice at the scale.

As always, thanks for the constructive criticism. I always take your thoughts into consideration.

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