Mocs Rahkhann and The slain+cameo

Here are two mocs that use the one colour scheme to rule them all...aka black and silver. The first of these was made before I knew the infamasy of the colours, but the second was made last week. So lets start with rahkhann.

He is my first attempt at a titan sized moc and has fingers.

The front of the moc.

The back of him.

Side view for your viewing pleasure.

The construction on the torso without the barraki head covering it.

The legs Im not satisfied with. :/

His hands.

His neck has a lightsaber hilt from the collectible minifigs that is smaller to hold the piece while another part connects it to the torso making it stable.
Now its time for The slain. He has a backstory that he is a toa of an unknown element that witnessed his entire team die and somehow lost his elemental powers. After this he abandoned his name and started calling him self The slain.

Here he is.

I told you I was making a moc using your awesome tip.

I came up with this upper leg design which is pretty nice.

I originally wanted an articulated waist but ended up making it stationary.

Back view

Back view without the cape.


Whoa! Onua the land lord(pics someday...) and skull spider you come out NEXT year not this year.

Group shot with all my mocs.


You are literally one of the best mocers I have ever seen. Seriously you're mocs are so impressive I wish I could moc liek you. Seriously man, these are dang impressive! I'm a huge fan! ~Pyrox

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The thin-ness and sleekness of the upper leg flows well with the lower, but it is a shame that you couldn't get a black pin, since the blue actively sticks out.

I love both of them, though. You did great.

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I have miracoulously found two black pins to fix this issue+more black axels so no more red ones here.

Found them from this big bag here that I bought on a flea market earlier this year with another one with grey pieces in it.