MOCs: Rak'izak and Netlea

EDIT: forgot to mention,it's my entry for this:


An ancient warlord who was banished from Okoto by Ekimu,who judged him to be too violent. But after thousands of years,he comes back to Okoto to destroy all in his way and get his revenge. He is currently being hunted down by a villager of the water region,who's brave but doesn't really have alot of experience in fighting.

more pictures:


A young villager of water who promised her village to hunt down and kill the mysterious warlord who has recently being attacking the island

more pictures:


seems rather overdetailed for a G2 character, love the head though.

why the black shells on the lower legs?

also did you not have a sword that doesn't look like a dog chewed on it?
I'm sure that was intentional, I just really dislike it.

Why do protectors (or things that look like them) always look like they're leaning back and looking at the ground simultaneously? It might just be me, but idk.

I guess most people just pose them that way.
mine don't.

These are great m8!

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I like the black shells, balances the colors, with the black bones and all. And the swords pretty cool IMO.

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Well, in my view, these two are lovely MOCs. I must say though, the first MOC does look a little over complicated for the G2 universe. However this doesn't make it bad, far from it, it's actually too good! The second one is also sweet and I love the damage to the sword (dog chewed or not), to me it looks good.


Thank you guys!

What colour would you have put there?

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maybe gunmetal or trans blue.

Those colors wouldn't balance the figures overall colors.

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Those wouldn't really fit with the MOC's colour scheme.

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Nice job on both of these!

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note to self, don't give moc advice just after waking up, it will make you look like an idiot.

I would swap the lower legs colors so that the bone is black and the shell is trans blue.


Ok now that makes more sense XD

@DarkTakanuva Thanks!

Yeah this could also work,i guess.

Those are some great MOC's with nice backstory's!

Hope you win! smile

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Thanks a lot! @Oniwah