MOCs: Soul Eater and Crimera (Terraria)

Probably the oldest MOCs I’ll post here.
These are MOCs of the “Soul Eater” and “Crimera” enemies from the game Terraria.
Pictures of the source material:

In lore, they’re each other’s counterpart: if for example the Corruption biome (Soul Eater) was generated in the world, the Crimson (Crimera) can only be created artificially.

Let’s get to the MOCs.

Soul Eater:



I don’t think that they really resemble the source material. For me, that’s okay, because I always saw them like this.

Off-Topic: I just ordered like (overexaggerating) 500 parts to make more Matoran, so be afraid.

Have a good day.


They both look awesome, the googley eyes are a bit silly but still.


The Mixel eyes were absolutely necessary. :stuck_out_tongue: Thanks!

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These look great, even though I’ve never played Terraria.

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This wasn’t in Lego Creations? I thought it said so. Thanks!

these are nice representations of those pests

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These look pretty cool.

Very good Lego representations.

Excellent! They really stay true to the designs of the source, especially the Soul Eater.

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i love these. they are shockingly close to the ones in game has flash backs of the first few time into the corruption