Mocs that aren't Lego

So, all of the builds I have posted so far on the message boards have been Lego Bionicle Mocs and I intend to post a few Hero Factory Mocs eventually. However, most of my brick-built mocs do not use Lego Bricks. Most of them use Mega Construx/Bloks because I like the colors that Mega produces bricks in more than Lego’s color palette.

My question is multi-faceted.

  1. Are there any rules concerning using bricks that aren’t Lego to post stuff on the message boards?
    2.Can I post a moc that isn’t lego (say… Mega Construx/bloks)?
  2. Where would I post it to?

I won’t post any mocs that aren’t Lego unless receive permission and am told where I can post it. I don’t want to clog the message boards with mocs using bricks that aren’t allowed.

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Depending on how “Lego-y” the system you’re using is, I’d say either Lego Creations or Creative Content in general. Something like Kre-O would be more attuned to the former, while Knex would be better in the latter.

Hope that helps!