MOCs: Toa Kalikiki and Kiju

First up,here is Kiju

I only made him because Netlea needed a friend,and i had my PoI laying around half-built.

More pictures:


Kalikiki is the self-(M)OC of my friend KaibaGal( ) on DA.
Obviously i took some liberties with the colours,mainly because i couldn’t make out a decent blue for the mask

More pictures:



  • Besides the red-balljoints, the Color Scheme looks good
  • Like the body build
  • The arms and legs are a bit, simplistic, but that is completely fine

I would give Kiju a 9/10.
With an interesting body build and a pretty cool revamp of a lack-luster set, This MOC is pretty amazing.

Fant 4 Stick Job! :smile:


  • Color scheme is overall consistent, besides the red balls. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
  • I like the torso design, especially the use of the jumper head
  • Like how you covered up the back of the Model
  • Are those painted pieces? :open_mouth:
  • The thighs are a bit large

I would give Toa Kalikiki an 8/10.
It overall looks great, but it has a few issues, such as Doze Thighs.

Great Job! :smiley:

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this means i succeeded

[quote=“PluralLego, post:2, topic:11664”]
Great Job!


I didn’t think I was going to say it, but I’m going to say it.

That mask already comes in that color! XD

If you’re going for mata blue, you probably need to give it another shot.

Mine’s already used :L

[quote=“Garnira, post:4, topic:11664”]
If you’re going for mata blue
[/quote]I was,but i gave up


Hmmm… It’s missing something.


Ah, I know, here:

Yes, yes, much better.

Velociraptor legs.


oh hey I know her :smile:

these both look great


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these both look great

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They look like revamps of ice protector and gali.

Middle, pls ;2;

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