MOCs: Zhanshi and VK-05

First off Zhanshi

She’s just some kind of japanese mech/robot thing,no real backstory.
Here are more pics:

Now VK-05

He’s a revamp of my old MOC OCA6,
He was an experimental supersoldier who was captured for several weeks and went insane.

Who needs purism amirite

more pictures:


lovely mocs

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Thank you.

very nice

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Wow this is really cool!

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@Oniwah Thank you!

Thank you for being fantastic.

They look pretty cool! I particularly like the flag bit on Zhanshi and all the custom detailing stuff on VK-05.

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needs some blue in the legs.

nice build,
good custom work,
nice colors,
green hips

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[quote=“Payinku, post:9, topic:10902”]
green hips