Mod and Mocs, Tips and Tricks: Pahrak

A few people wanted to know how I managed to give a Bohrok and articulated head, so I have created a series of pictures to show how I did it.

These are the pieces you will need:

We begin with the head,

you'll need to place a three long axle near the catapult, there should be an axle hole there, then you must slide a hand piece and pop the Hordika neck in, don't for get to use another three long axle piece like in the picture.
(NOTE: I used a 2008 hand piece, if you wish to roll the bohrok around like crazy, I suggest using a CCBS version of this piece.

Next you'll need Half of a Bohrok body:

See where that fleshy Finger is pointing, well, you'll need to put the three long Axle piece (the one on the Hordika neck) into that long slot, this should give the head the ability to move back and forward, like the original function, though it dons't go very far.'

the head now should be connected to the body like this

Make sure to place the additional construction in front of it, this should fill in the gaps if your looking at it's front view

Before you place the other half of the body and head on, look at the picture below:


I have placed a gear on the head to give the illusion that it looks like the actual set,the gear is held there by the to long black axle piece, though a three long axle would be better. I have also placed a two way Technic piece in the body to fill in the gap, and I have placed a rubber bad there to make it look more like the set would. Also those Ball pin thingy's that hold the rubber band in place help hold the arm's in place when the Bohrok is folded into a ball, like the set.

Now that you've done all of that, place the other halves of the body and the head if you haven't all ready, once that's done, place the arms and legs on, once thats finished your almost done...

all that's left is to place your chosen Krana into the modified Bohrok and your done!

But remember wake one, you wake them all...

Thanks to every one that wanted to know how to make a Modified Bohrok, My only gripe with the construction is that the head will wobble up and down. If any one Finds a better way to create a movable head for a bohrok, let me know, I'd be very interested, and remember, I would like to make this a series, so if there's any Moc or Mod that I post and you want to know how it was constucted, i'll be happy to give instructions like I did with this one, but I won't do every moc, as some I feel would be to hard or I'd feel like I don't want to take it apart. anyway I hope 2017 will be great year for everyone individually, BYE.

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