Mod Squad: Several Things Regarding Flags and Double Posts

First of all, thank you guys for keeping on the on and up with the flags and such.

However, a great majority of the flags are for posts well over 1 month ago, in the board’s infancy stage. We would like to ask you to only flag posts starting from Oct. 1st, 2014.

Another thing the Mod Squad would like to add is regarding flagging double posts. Given the nature of the topics in the Community/Role-Playing forums, we decided that double posts are acceptable in those forums and thus, do not need to be flagged.


So… @Kahi’s whole “clean up the boards” thing from a couple weeks ago doesn’t apply any more?

I believe he’s referring to the Community and Roleplay forums, not the entire site.

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@Ekorak, I was reffering to this:

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Ah. I can understand both sides of that though. While a ton of old posts could use moderating there’s no point anymore.

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Ok good to hear.

I think it’d make sense to clean up the boards a bit for newer members.

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The boards will still be a mess regardless of how much we try to clean it up.


Probably like most of our rooms. :stuck_out_tongue:


Little counterproductive if we clear all the recent trash but leave the old trash to fester (Yes, we’re garbage cleaners now) :L


I’m all for cleaning up old spam posts but to flag all that would put a tremendous strain on the mods.

 "But what if we let other members receive mod powers to spread the work load?" 

Relegating that kind of power to other members to get the job done isn’t a better idea, so the way things are is the best course of action.

I have a feeling some users would misuse the power for their own personal gain, and it would cause some pretty bad things to happen. You got to have the responsibility to be a Mod. Yes, I do have fun with you guys, but I still have to maintain the site with my other fellow Moderators.


meh, I resigned.

What?! You resigned? Sorry to see you step down, man. But hey, you did a great job. :smiley:


I feel that this message was directed towards people like me, Double Posting maniacs…like me…

Oh well!

So, at November we will only flag rom 1st of November or?


If you guys need a example for knowing how to edit your double posts, here’s what happens.

Let’s say you made two replies to two different people, or are trying to add onto what you have.

Now, this is what happens: It makes too many replies, and overall needs to be avoided to keep the forums clean in the future. I’m sure all of you are able to edit your posts, or write a responding thing like this:

This puts everything in one post, and makes it so everything is nice and tidy.

And if you have a double post, or a triple post, it may be edited like this:

Overall, you guys need to watch your double-posting. As much as it is so easy to do, it’s a habit you guys need to break.


I was just messing around when I made that edit.

Way to turn my tomfoolery around into a professional-looking example.

Sure would suck if I ruined that ■■■■■■■■■■…

You all saw nothing.


For future reference, I’m not sure if this has been answered before. Are updates on topics with new material allowed and not considered a double post? (Like on a person’e creative content topic)


For creative content, yes!

For Roleplay, yes! (Unless it does not need to be a double post, but that could have been avoided and put into 1 post, Looking at you @squeaverking in the Never ending adventure…)