Modern day RPG (RP sign up topic)


I’m going to do this again since my last Rp never became anything so hopefully this will.

#Morden day RPG

##Story intro:
Your a young human being in a completely normal modern world until one day a dimensional rift opens above your hometown and out came all sort of weird creatures corrupting the world spreading its weirdness and it is now up to you or you and a group to stop this menace but it doesn’t take long for you to realize your skills aren’t the best so you have to take yourself to the next level and learn them for your home and family.

##Rp Info:
This RP is an RPG so the following things will appear: Level mechanic, Stats, NPC(Creatures), Party, Items, Learnable skills and psychic abilities. and a Simplified battle system. I’m going to explain them in more depth soon.

###Basic Rules

  • I don’t want to see any rude or disrespectful behaviour between players.
  • Boards guidelines apply here as well as everywhere else on the boards.
  • Maximum of Four characters, If you want a fifth character that could be discussed.
  • This RP is going to be mainly Player based with an overarching story, I as a GM will be needed for most interactions with specific NPC, therefore, I’ll be mostly active.
  • No killing other characters without its player’s permission.
  • No OP characters and No Godmodding allowed.
  • Sign up ends after one more entry.

###Level mechanic rules:

  • Everyone will start off at lv 1.
  • Lv 1s hp is 20 + x in Health stats and Lv 1s attack is 15 + x in Attack stats. Both stats gets a 10% boost every new level.
  • To gain levels you’ll need to battle enemies to grind for Exp.
  • To reach lv 2 you’ll need 20 Exp for every level the mount of Exp will increase by 25% meaning to reach lv 3 you will need 25 more Exp and so on.
  • Parties Exp share is dependent on the different characters activity in a battle. For example, you and your party defeats an Lv 2 goblin and gains 30 Exp. You have 3 members in your party the first member did the most damage and receives therefore 50% of the Exp. The second member did the least amount of damage and receives only 20% of the Exp. The last member gets the rest. So a good tip is to utilize all party members as much as possible.
  • Max level 40.

###Stats rules:

  • When you create your character you’ll have to give your character stats.
  • The stats are categorised in the following, Charisma, Strength, Defence, Attack, Speed, Critical(The chance of landing a critical hit), Health, Psychic(Psychic abilities and powers), Intelligence and Stamina
  • When you create a new character or Level up with a character you are asked to add points to your stats. For example, Benny levelled up to lv 5 and has now 3 stat points to put on his stats, Benny’s stats are as follows Charisma 2, Strength 3, Defence 1, Attack 2, Speed 4, Critical 2, Health 1, Psychic 1, Intelligence 2, Stamina 2. Benny chooses to put his new stat points to boost his Health to 3 and Defence to 2.

###NPC rules:

  • All major NPCs like shop owners, Side quest NPCs, Enemy NPCs and Bosses will be controlled by the GM.
  • Player generated NPCs are allowed but shouldn’t have too much story importance.
  • NPCs can be created at any time unless it disturbs the main plot.
  • NPCs are killable by everyone. Exceptions are all Gm controlled NPCs except Enemy NPCs and bosses.

###Party rules

  • Parties can consist of four of your own characters or four characters from different players but a party can’t consist of more than four characters.
  • Party advantages are as follows you can have a different character have different strength, skills, traits or weaknesses.
  • Parties can be separated if you want them to and remade whenever you want.
  • Parties will help you greatly in boss battles.


  • Will drop from NPCs or can be bought in certain stores depending on the item.
  • Items can give certain boosts to characters such as restoring health or stamina, boost Attack, Defence, Speed, Psychic, Critical, Strength or Charisma.
  • Some items can only be used at a certain level if specified.

###Skills and Psychic attacks:

  • As you level up you can learn more abilities and skills as well as powerful Psychic attacks.
    List of learnable traits and when they can be acquired.(You can’t choose to learn both traits for a specific Level)
    Lv 5 - Small hp recovery(Recovers 5 Hp) or Bad sword skills(Gives 2+ Attack). Requirements for each skill depending on the skill you choose 2 Psychic or 2 Attack
    Lv 10 - Headache maker(Stuns target) or Trainee Sword skills(Gives 2+ Attack 1+ Critical). Requirements for each skill depending on the skill you choose 4 Psychic or 3 Attack and 1 Critical.
    Lv 12 - Psychic shot(Deals 10 damage) or dodging(Gives 2+ defense). Requirements for each skill depending on the skill you choose 7 Psychic or 5 Defense.
    Lv 17 - Hp recovery(Recover 10 Hp) or Decent sword skills(Gives 2+ Attack 2+ Critical). Requirements for each skill depending on the skill you choose 7 Psychic or 5 attack and 2 Critical
    Lv 20 - Hp share(Recover +5 hp on all your party members) or All out assault(Deals 10 damage times the number of party members) Requirements for each skill depending on the skill you choose 8 Psychic or 6 Attack, 1 Critical, 3 Charisma).
    Lv 25 - Teleport(allows you to teleport.) or Running speed increase(Makes you faster in and outside of combat) Requirements for each skill depending on the skill you choose 8 Psychic and 4 speed or 8 Attack and 4 speed
    Lv 30 - Psychic blast(deals 20 damage) or Flurry attack(deals 30 damage) Requirements for each skill depending on the skill you choose 12 Psychic or 10 strength.
    Lv 40 - Wormhole(Instantly kills an enemy doesn’t work on bosses) or Swordsman’s sword skills(Gives 10+ Attack, 7+ Critical). Requirements for each skill depending on the skill you choose 17 Psychic or 10 Attack and 7 Critical.

###Battle system:

  • Random encounters
  • All enemies will have a set pattern of attack
  • Damage is dealt onto you or an enemy by the amount you are able to do for example an lv 1 character has 15 Attack plus 2+ Attack, 1 Strength and no items so he does 18 damage to an lv 2 Goblin who has 22 hp plus +2 hp and +4 defence this means that the goblin has 30 hp in total and the lv 1 character does 18 damage subtracted by the goblins defence being 4 meaning the character deals 14 damage and the goblin has now only 16 hp left.
  • In a party, you take turns attacking starting with the lowest levelled character after everyone has attacked its the enemies turn. Note: that if an enemy has higher speed than you or any of your teammates it’ll go first and gets to attack every second character in your party.
  • If you die in combat your character has fainted for a while but if you can’t heal it within 20 posts it is dead.

Hopefully, I was able to explain most of the rules quite clearly but if you have any questions just ask and I’ll do my best to answer them.

###Character Sheet:

Species(Must be human):
Stats(Assign these 15 stat points as you like to the following stats):

  • Health
  • Stamina
  • Defence
  • Attack
  • Critical
  • Psychic
  • Intelligence
  • Speed
  • Strength
  • Charisma
    Bio/Backstory(This one is just for fun or further character development so its optional):

###Example Sheet

Name: Melvin
Species: Human
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Appearance: Stereotypical teenager but rather long for his age
Personality: Steriotypical teenager personality

  • Health 2
  • Stamina 1
  • Defence 1
  • Attack 3
  • Critical 2
  • Psychic 1
  • Intelligence 1
  • Speed 2
  • Strength 1
  • Charisma 2
    Melvin lives in the east end of the town Subville he lives there with his parents and siblings and has had a pretty normal life until the rift appeared and he heard the call for help. So he began saving the world instead.
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Name: Holi Vienne
Species(Must be human): human
Age: 25
Gender: male
Appearance: a tall and slender man with incredibly pale skin and dirty blonde hair just long enough to be pulled back, along with a short beard holi typically wears a long coat and a thin hoodie and a scarf, with khaki shorts and a Hawaiian ■■■■■
Personality: he’s quite and mostly reserved, though is an apt reader and for the most part a jack of all trades when it comes to information.
Stats(Assign these 15 stat points as you like to the following stats):

  • Health 3
  • Stamina 0
  • Defence 0
  • Attack 0
  • Critical 0
  • Psychic 6
  • Intelligence 6
  • Speed 0
  • Strength 0
  • Charisma 0
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did I just hear modern day rpg? Now this is epic

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You sure did m8

Alright, since I assume this one’s not over (It’s last post was almost exactly two months ago though)
Name: Oliver James Buckwater
Species: Human
Age: 45
Gender: Male
Appearance: Brown hair with greying, blue ■■■■■, police officer uniform
Personality: by the book, proud, sometime’s he’s nice but he enjoys exherting his authority
Stats: 15

  • Health: 1
  • Stamina: 1
  • Defence: 1
  • Attack: 3
  • Critical: 1
  • Psychic: 1
  • Intelligence: 2
  • Speed: 1
  • Strength: 1
  • Charisma: 1
    Bio/Backstory: A married man with a daughter, Oliver is a well respected officer, he’s a member of The FBI but he has a lot of swat training
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No it’s not over. Finally someone signed up to this one :grinning: Also accepted.

My character:
Name: Bernard
Species: Human
Age: 19
Gender: male
Appearance: A teen with light brownish hair and a overall Scandinavian look. He sports a black backpack, a blue sweat ■■■■■, tan pants and olive green shoes
Personality: Nice, stubborn, introverted, usually friendly, gets annoyed easily by repeated failures and has an overall geeky nature.

  • Health 1
  • Stamina 1
  • Defense 2
  • Attack 1
  • Critical 2
  • Psychic 1
  • Intelligence 3
  • Speed 1
  • Strength 1
  • Charisma 2
    Bio/Backstory: Bernard is a teen who lives on his own in an apartment somewhere in the outskirts of their hometown. Before the catastrophe he was just a normal kid minding his own business regularly attending school and living a normal teen life.

Is this still a thing?

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Yes and you are accepted already I believe.

Is this still going?

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Yes, hasn’t even started yet.


I guess I can have 2.

Name: Juliana
Species: Human
Age: 13
Gender: Female
Appearance: Very attractive for her age, with grey eyes and dark, wavy brown hair
Personality: Extremely shy and reserved, always afraid of offending or hurting other people, but extremely sweet-natured.

  • Health 1
  • Stamina 3
  • Defence 2
  • Attack 1
  • Critical 1
  • Psychic 1
  • Intelligence 1
  • Speed 1
  • Strength 1
  • Charisma 2

Charecter 2:

Name: Craig
Species: Human
Age: 14
Gender: Male
Appearance: Average looking 14 year old guy. wears glasses. green eyes, brown shaggy hair.
Personality: The uber dork and geek. But in a cool way. He’s very tech savvy, and whip smart, He doesn’t get bullied because he could lock them all out of their devices from his laptop at home, kinda tech savvy. Enjoys Strategy games.

  • Health 1
  • Stamina 1
  • Defence 1
  • Attack 1
  • Critical 1
  • Psychic 2
  • Intelligence 3
  • Speed 2
  • Strength 1
  • Charisma 1
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