Modicius The "Makuta" V1.5

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Picture with his throne I meant to make a post on

Cool "effecty" picture featuring alternate mask

The only real change here are the arms, which are now custom for the lower half, so that's why it is version 1.5. The new arm construction, unfortunately is limited by the ccbs shell, which means he can't bend his arms as much, but I feel the trade off was worth it. The only issue with them other than that is that I ran out of black pieces, so that is why part of the arms are grey

Let me know what you think. Do you like the new arms, or were the old ones better? As usual, please leave comments and criticism down below.



Woah, cool Moc
The color scheme works and nice use of the blades near the shoulders
Also is that a custom mask? I've never seen it

Thanks! and the mask came with Tarix in 2009.

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Ok I just didn't recognize it without the tube thing

Really great MOC. I love the combination of dark blue, black, and orange. The shaping is really well done and I am a big fan of the blade decorations on the upper torso.

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I do not recognize this word.

As others have said, great work! The colorscheme is pretty nice, though perhaps a few more orange highlights would help. Also I really like the shoulder... blades, I guess? :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry, it is meant to be with an "e." Just saying in using an effect on the picture.

I'm completely on bored with more orange, but the construction of the arms and upper legs kind of limits that with no studs being able to be placed. That is definitely something I will work on for the next portion.

Neat. I like the look the blades on his shoulders give him, though there could be more orange accents.

It's not often that you see a MOC using Tarix's helmet, which is kind of a shame, because it can look quite good when used on a MOC properly such as here.

The blades on the shoulders give it a very good profile and adds a unique look to it (it also goes well with the mask).

Another thing I really like about this MOC is the way that he looks big and strong without having to be beefy. The shoulder blades and mask once again work well for selling this look, and when paired with his spear and greatshield, it gives off the vibe of a guardian or some type of royal guard.

On the whole, the limbs and most of the torso are pretty cluttered, but the profile of this MOC is what makes it.

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Thank you for your comment! Regardig it looking cluttered, I'm assuming the legs are the culprit for the most part, and are in need of change. For the torso and arms however, I'm not really seeing it, so could you please point out specific points for me to change?

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Just for clarification to make sure we're on the same page, when I say cluttered, I mean a lack of smoothness or flow in a build. A lot of times this is caused by TECHNIC-heavy builds that aren't covered up, or the use of different armor pieces that don't flow well with each other.

Yeah, the legs were the main thing I noticed.

When looking at the outside of the arms (such as in the throne picture), it looks good and flows well, but when you look at it from other angles you start seeing all of the TECHNIC underneath (I think the most jarring parts to me are the red axles and the gaps between the Mata hand and the Glatorian neck pieces).

As for the torso, it's not quite as bad a victim as the limbs, but the clutter is still there a bit. I would definitely recommend removing that handle bar piece, as it disrupts the flow of the Metru chest piece. I feel like there's something else off about the torso but I can't quite place it. It may help if I were able to see a back shot of the MOC.

Despite all that, these issues don't ruin the MOC for me. The concept, the profile, the colors, and the personality are all there- it's really just a matter of cleaning up some of the details here and there.