Modified Lewa

So... I updated Lewa. Here are some of the changes I've done:

  • Blocked colors (Upper portions are bright green, lower are Keet)
  • Lengthened the axes and made the swords separate
  • Beefed up the gearbox
  • Made all the bones black
  • Extended the legs by a peg
  • Filled up the back more.
  • Axe color changed to silver

Front shot. You'll notice the swap of armor on the arms, and the slightly longer legs. Otherwise nothing is too different.

The back. A lot of differences. I had to push the gear knob out by a peg, so it is easily accessible. Otherwise, the gear box itself is only slightly different, in order to fill up more area. There's also now a 6L Keetorange shell on the back instead of the original spike.

Striking down with his axes. No articulation is restricted here, even the head is able to move just fine, as the gear box is lowered.

With axes put away, and swords out, ready to battle.

With the golden mask, about to fight Skull Slicer in an epic duel!

The modified version (left), compared to the original (right)
note the original's gear box is lowered

Also, just to show that, even with the extra filling in of the gearbox... here's a gif showing he can still slash, slice, and dice!

Comments are appreciated! smile


its good

though i dont like those little grey technic bits in his feet


I know they stick out. I wish I had some silver ones, but I couldn't find them. I didn't just want to leave them empty. So, it's a hit and a miss.
Thank you for the comment again! :smile:

He looks good. thumbsup

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Nicely done, I like that you retained the sleek and aerodynamic look of the original 2015 while still retaining some bulk

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That gif is amazing! heart_eyes


I feel like there ought to be a skull in there somewhere... :wink:


I love this redesign, however I think you should have changed the keetorange parts to yellow to fit with the other yellow parts. But the worst part is BLUE PINS!!!<-----jk

The gif at the end threw me off after seeing the pics. XD

I love it! smile

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Dang, I liked the gunmetal axes.

those open sockets on the back of the legs...

vent, what are you even doing?

all praise the properly held axes.

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I could have done that, but I like how the keet compliments the bright green more than normal yellow. Furthermore, the normal yellow isn't intrusive. Lastly, I didn't bother busting out the black pins for this, as it was basically just a retool of a set :stuck_out_tongue:

I'm surprised people like that gif so much :laughing: It was a pain to make, so I'm glad some people appreciate it.

no lie I stare at it sometimes in awe because it's the first gif I've ever made

I felt they clashed too much with the pallet, and preferred the silver over the gunmetal. It's a matter of opinion

Aahhh, you got me... I got lazy and didn't know what I was doing. I was too lazy to attach armor with flick fire missiles and stuff :laughing:

Also, about knowing what I'm doing...

Lol, if anything it's improper, I forgot to add bits to the bottom. Live and learn, I guess.

Thanks for the comments guys! I would've gotten to them sooner, but I didn't know the Boards returned :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I got to say this is pretty great!
Doesn't look that different from the Product.

I was going to say this...

I love it!

Quite nice!

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