Modified Metru Build (with metru build renditions of the toa seen throughout Bionicle)

So, the build itself here is only slightly modified from the traditional Metru build for Toa, being the heartlight axle and technic liftarm in the chest region. Despite this, I have created renditions of every seen, and a few unseen Toa all in this style. As some parts do not yet exist in, I have had to use approximations instead of the proper parts. I would like to reiterate, these are purposefully built in the Metru style, and will NOT be 100% accurate, even if I didn’t have to substitute parts. Since glowing lime and glowing medium blue don’t exist, they will be replaced with glowing yellow and glowing cyan respectively.

The front and back of the basic template I’ve used.

The Toa Metru, which are basically unchanged.

The Toa Mata, and Pohatu does have his upside down torso.

The Toa Nuva

The Toa Nuva in their adaptive armor

The Toa Inika

The Toa Mahri

The Toa Mangai. The Toa Mangai of ice with Hydraxon’s mask is supposed to have a Rode, though only a custom one exists in the 3 bionicle parts packs I have. Additionally, Tuyet is wearing a Noble Kiril in place of her as of yet undetermined mask of intangibility, Naho has the colloquially used Huna, the Toa of stone has a Pakari since the Toa of earth has a Kakama, and I thought it made sense, and the Toa of the green has a hau in place of the mask of healing, which I’m unsure if we’ll ever get a canon version of. Nidhiki has a Kualsi because it was clearly designed to be his mask originally. Colorations and builds of the unseen toa are obviously non-canon.

Close up of Toa Nidhiki

Close up of the four Toa Mangai of ice

Close up of the Toa Mangai of earth

Close up of the Toa Mangai of stone

Close up of the Toa Mangai of the green

Close up of Toa Tuyet

A bonus image of Tuyet charged up with the Nui Stone, and I didn’t use the part Galva made here because it looks too much like an egg for my liking. It’s also so strong it messes with the render xD

Toa Dume

Toa Helryx

The Toa Ignika

Toa Jovan

Toa Krakua

Toa Lesovikk

Toa Mata Nui

And last, but certainly not least, Toa Nikila


I like all these different reditions of the Toa.

These are really cool. Love the use of the Mahri’s and Inika’s respective feet pieces for their chest armor, it’s a great creative touch.


Yeah, those feet clipped into each-other when used as their feet, so I came up with another way to give them the piece. So chest armor it was

All of these are really good!

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I forgot to add these

Golden Armor Tahu

Shadow Takanuva

The energized protodermis being. In the books, it was described as looking like a toa metru. In the GBA Bionicle: Maze of Shadows game, it appears in the form of Makuta Teridax. So I figured it should wear a Krakhaan


Those Mata are glorious